Poll Results: What Do You Want To See On Oddness/Weirdness?

Earlier this month I did a post where I reviewed how 2012 went for Oddness/Weirdness.  I talked about some stats and did some fangirling over the fact that I have followers.

Poll results from Oddness/Weirdness
Yayyy followers!

I also included a poll asking everyone what they wanted to see more of on here.  68 people voted before the poll closed on January 2nd, and here are the results:

(Other = f(x) and mv fashion)

So let's discuss this, shall we?

  • More Kpop fashion?  Totally planning on it.
  • More SHINee?  Oh but of course!
  • More Big Bang?  Of course to them too.  I'm so excited for Taeyang and GD's comeback. 
  • Other Kpop groups?  I do incorporate others in when I find them or something they did to be interesting.  Let me know who you want to hear about and I'll see what I can do.
  • Opinion pieces?  Working on more
  • Only 4 people voted for Kpop girl groups.  I do sometimes write about f(x) (especially Amber), 2NE1 and a few others but most girl groups don't thrill me quite as much as the boy groups do.  I do hope f(x) and 2NE1 comeback this year because I miss them.
  • Kdrama reviews and info?  I'm actually working on getting someone to write about that for the site.
  • Movie info? Nahhh.  The last movie I watched that had anything to do with Korea was Ninja Assassin (Rain... unf!).  However, I will do a post if someone I like a lot stars in a movie.

Hmm... Did I miss anything?  Did you get to vote?


  1. Aww you don't remind me of Amber at all, but I guess she's the only tomboy they know? Anyway, I saw her hair is longer but I hope she isn't super girly now. A major reason I like her is her nonconformity.

  2. oh oh oh... I missed the voting!!! why??? *sob*
    All my voted will go to SHINee


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