Even More G-Dragon @ Paris Fashion Week

Wow... G-Dragon aka Kwon Jiyong attended 4 fashion shows in 2 days.  Like a bossss....  This is my favorite outfit of his from the past two days. Everything from the suit to the accessories is hot.  I'm even giving him a pass on the center part 'cause it goes with the look.  Fabulous, darling.

G-Dragon at the Junn.J Spring Summer menswear 2013 show 120629

"Pink haired K-Pop star G-Dragon, front row at Juun.J show ‪#PFW‬
Waiting for Juun.J to begin. Check out this K-Pop singer heavy loaded with Chrome Hearts stuff"

Alright people, just because fans follow on his heels in Seoul doesn't mean you should.

GD with a fan looking tired as hell.  Get some rest! 
"I just met G-Dragon while leaving school ㅋㅋㅋ XD "

Back to Seoul... hope you had fun!

Source: Credit as tagged, @meyli27@RainerTorrado via forever-gdragon



  1. He doesn't look like he had any fun at all. :D I dunno from these photos I'm not sure I warm to him as a person, but I'm sure that's not gonna keep him awake at night. :D

    1. To me he's looking exhausted and I've read somewhere that he's shy around strangers so that might be it. He was really only in Paris for like 2-3 days so I'm can imagine how that had to suck. Uggh... I would be passed out lol.


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