Idol Style: SHINee

This week's Idol Style is all about the Kpop group Shinee.  Why do they fascinate me so much?  I do enjoy their music a lot and they are extremely entertaining performers, but they really captured me with their unique and distinctive styles and personalities.  I also love that they are fashion chameleons.  They're able to wear anything from the preppiest ensemble to the craziest mishmash of styles and colors and somehow make it look cool. Don't ask me how they manage it... they just do.

Shinee Japan promo pic 2011

Names: Choi Minho, Lee Taemin, Lee Jinki, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Ki Bum
Nicknames: Flaming Charisma (Minho), Taeminnie, Onew or Dubu, Bling Bling Jonghyun or Jjong, Almighty Key or Diva Key.
Typical Shinee greeting: "Hi we are shining Shinee!"

Shinee Replay era

Shinee Lady Gaga Just Dance stage

Shinee Japan promo pics 2011

Shinee 20th Seoul Music Awards 2011
Yes, Key IS wearing a garbage bag-style shrug/wrap.

Shinee Barcelona travel book Children of the Sun

Shinee Lucifer album image

Shinee airport style 2011

Shinee Lucifer pic

Shinee the 1st concert Shinee World poster

Shinee style consists of:  Bright colors, super skinny pants and combat style boots.  A different hairstyle and/or hair color every few months or so.  Rings, necklaces, bracelets and cuffs are a must.  Oversize tees, flowy tops, cardis and shawls.  Lots of black, lots of leather, buckles and zippers.  Harem pants, colorful sneakers, an abundance of layers, jackets, coats and blazers.   Depending on the person, their personal style can range from basic and preppy to college boy cool to extra funky and eclectic. 

Shinee Lucifer backstage selca

I will leave you with two Shinee videos.  The first one is the Japanese version of their song "Juliette".  This version was released August 2011 and is quintessentially Shinee.  Bright colors, great dancing and unconventional styling... If you're a fan of Shinee, you could ask for nothing more.

The second is one of their most memorable tv performances and for sure one of my absolute favorites.
Shinee covering Lady Gaga's "Just Dance"... short and sweet and all kinds of awesome.

Source: trannydoll90EMIMusicJapan.  All images: Credit where due and as tagged.



  1. Awesome pics! Still love that 'wicked' tshirt!

  2. OMG!!! Yet another wonderful idol style!!! I just don't know how you do it everytime, but you do.
    I love Shinee. I especially love Minho. I just love everything about there style. I love there use of colors toooo. I am going to save all of these pics.

    By the way love the videos tooo, but love the second one the most, lol

  3. these boyz are mad hot.they make me drool!


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