Another Odd Opinion: MyMusicRadar! Vents About Recent Shinee "Controversies"

Today on Oddness/Weirdness I'm introducing one of my favorite blogs/bloggers to my site for an opinion piece.  My friend Stormy of MyMusicRadar! had something relevant to vent about and I figured this would be a great place to do it.  Hopefully I'll be featuring some more guest posting on the site and maybe doing a bit of guest posting of my own.  Comment below and let me know what you think!

Another episode of 'All Babies grow UP!'

This is NOT the face of innocence my friends.

The sad fact is, ALL babies grow up. If only we let them.... Taemin has been asking...nay BEGGING us to let him grow up, but it seems that netizens on the whole don't want him to. They insist that he stay in their little bubble of sweetness and, frankly, its starting to get on my nerves. Kpop is notoriously filled with softporn and homo-eroticism that smacks some people in the face and is so 'not the reality they wanted', to coin one of Jonghyun's own phrases. This my friends is really not about sex, but more....about passion.

Jonghyun, passionately speaking, is a beast.

Lets face some reality here, with all the unspoken rules set upon them by said netizens, and being of age with no outlets available, who are they to unleash this passion upon but each other???? and us, in the form of the rock stage presented to us by Jonghyun and Taemin at their SHINee World Concert II in Seoul recently. Lets go to the video shall we?


Published on Jul 25, 2012 by Jessy07290408 shoot by Olivia 

 Let me say this about that:

No one is forcing Taemin to cross swords with Jonghyun here!

He's doing it all on his own.

So stop bashing Jonghyun for supposedly taking Taemin's innocence! Taemin, though sometimes submissive, is quite capable of saying, "NO!", as he did when Heechul attempted an onstage kiss 2 years ago.

Things changed though:

See the passion here too?

Taemin has been all about the passion of stages for a long time.  He is trying to show us a new and more mature color.  I'm not going to get all into the culture differences here, that's another story altogether. Netizens I beg you....let the boy grow up!
Let this...

become this...

or even this...

All that creative and artistic passion has GOT to go some where.

In conclusion, if you can't look upon these stages and appreciate them for what they are?  Maybe Kpop is not for you. To that I say a passionate GTFO! Go watch some Justin Beiber or something with kittens and puppies. Me?  I'm raping the replay button on that video.  I love rock hard passion...

aka StormofStarzZ2
My Music Radar!



  1. T__T, I love your commentary so much, this is exactly how I feel. At 19 most teenagers are in college exploring and experimenting with new interests, so I'm tired of hearing people say his trying to be someone his not. The Nylon interview showed me how pretty strong willed he is. I like him even more for not catering to the fans who don't want him to change. Personally I'm just a fan a long for the ride - fascinated by his work ethic, passion for performing and ambition to grow.

  2. I'm glad you liked it. Hopefully I can convince Stormy to do another commentary soon.

  3. This is why I love boys on Kpop groups, their passion on stage! This is what makes kpop interesting! Lol!!! Girls on kpop are too sugar covered for my liking, except for 2NE1, Sistar and maybe Girls Generation, these girls I can watch. But boys on kpop groups get to do so much more on stage, they get mad, half naked, jump, do all kinds of tricks and their dance is amazing. I've loved Shinee since I watched Lucifer, that's amazing choreography right there, they're georgeous, they know how to get fans wild and their voices are amazing too. I like this article cuz it's true that kpop fans don't let some of these boys grow, Taemin and Junsu of JYJ are examples of this, they're grown men but fans still want them to be boys. It's stupid but true.

  4. Exactly! I rarely post about girls here because they usually bore me. The only ones that are halfway interesting to me are f(x) and 2NE1 and Wonder Girls a tiny bit. I like a few Sistar songs and a drop of Girls Generation, or GG if you will, but that's about it.

    The boys are exciting and get to have crazy personalities and noone says a word about them, but the girls are more stifled, except for 2NE1 pretty much. I want them to comeback dammit.


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