SHINee's Key and Jonghyun, MBLAQ & More At Seoul Fashion Week 121022

It's Fashion Week in Seoul right now, which means all kinds of actors, actresses and Kpop stars will be out and about to take in the Spring/Summer 2013 sights.  SHINee's Jonghyun and Key, MBLAQ's Mir and Thunder, members of Nu'est, and more kicked it off by attending designer Sung Hye Myung's fashion show on Monday.  MBLAQ's Thunder also modeled in said fashion show, showcasing his tall good looks as Mir looked on from the audience.

I really knew I had to write about this when I saw what Key was wearing, especially since I haven't done a SHINee fashion post in awhile.  Take a look below at all these beautiful boys as they walk the red carpet, model or enjoy their cushy front row seats.

Shinee Jonghyun and Key at Seoul Fashion Week ss 13 121022

Let's talk about Key and Jonghyun for a minute.   First I'll say that I LOVE everything about Key's outfit and hair.  Once again, he pulls a crazy outfit out of his ass and manages to make it look flaw free.  If I, or anyone else I know, wore that they'd end up looking like a reject from some sort of old school-Swiss Alps-yodeling type deal.  Yes that makes no sense but I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I also love his hair and am glad it has grown out and/or he's gotten a really good weave put in.  Whichever it is, it works for me.

Shinee Jonghyun and Key at Seoul Fashion Week ss 13 121022

Shinee Key's socks Seoul Fashion Week 121022

There are two things you can tell from the above pic.  
1.  Jonghyun has so many insoles in his shoes the back part is caving in.  
2.  You know you're damned good at what you do when you can wear Homer Simpson cupid socks (I'm assuming they're from Jeremy Scott's fall line) with all kinds of other random pieces in random color combos and still end up looking super cute.  My hat is off to you, Key.

Updated: Key's socks are from H&M.  You can get them here on eBay or similar ones here.  Hurry though, there are limited quantities.

Next is Jonghyun... 

Shinee Jonghyun at Seoul Fashion Week ss 13 121022

The only thing I have to say about him is: Nice shirt, bro.  I assume that as long as he's getting his gym on, we'll be seeing garments like this extra low cut tee adorning his fine self.  How much do you want to bet Key forced him to wear more clothes over it??  I bet all of Jonghyun's shirts come off the minute he steps foot inside their dorm on the daily.  

On to MBLAQ's Thunder and Mir:

MBLAQ Mir and Thunder at Seoul Fashion Week 121022

MBLAQ Mir and Thunder Seoul Fashion Week 121022

They look great, except is Mir wearing leather pants AND a leather jacket?  Hmmm...  He's kind of pulling it off, but I'm still hoping those are coated jeans.    

As mentioned above, Thunder modeled in the fashion show:

MBLAQ Thunder modeling at Seoul Fashion Week 121022

MBLAQ Thunder modeling at Seoul Fashion Week 121022

MBLAQ Thunder modeling at Seoul Fashion Week 121022

I'm sure that's supposed to be his pro-model Zoolander face but he kinda just looks uncomfortable and glum, don't you think?

Lastly, Nu'est and Ajax also attended.  

Nu'est at Seoul Fashion Week 121022

Nu'est at Seoul Fashion Week 121022

Ajax at Seoul Fashion Week 121022

Feel free to leave your comments about these two groups since I know not a thing about them.

Actually I will say two things:  Ren, touch up those roots, girl (Fyi, I know he's not a girl).  As for Ajax, those nut huggers on the one guy and the grandpa cardi/harem combo on the other is just not working for me.  Those pants are soooo TIGHT they make me cringe just looking at them.  


I'll be posting more Seoul Fashion Week pics with commentary as the week goes on so stay posted, if you so choose.

Be sure to leave some snarky or un-snarky comments below.  Any comment is a good comment.

Source: ss501-mblaqloveri-am-ur-aplusalmightykeybeomajaxitaliafanclubnuestfan.  All pics credited as tagged.  Take out with full credit.


  1. some sort of old school-Swiss Alps-yodeling type deal...

    do you know how much I laughed when I read it? I fell of my
    chair!! Key always outstanding as usual, no doubt

    And Thunder’s face, all he needs just a pillow to sleep XD

  2. Lolll all I think of when I look at those pics is The Sound of Music... Too funny. Thunder looks constipated.

  3. Lol! Both the comments below made me laugh. Haha. Okay. Back to business. What jacket is Ren wearing? The one with the spikes at its collar?

  4. Hmm good question. I'll see if I can find it. :)

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