Big Bang Alive Concert in NJ 121109: Fancams & Fan Account Pt 2

I'm back with another installment of my Big Bang Alive concert fan account.  I started out on Monday by telling you guys about everything that happened before the concert and showing you 3 of the fancams I took.  Well, I've got more.

Big Bang in New Jersey fan account and fancams 121109

I finally managed to upload all the videos I took.  Phew!  I totally should've read the instructions on YouTube first, and I would've saved myself a whole day and some more hours of excruciatingly slow uploads that turned out to look like crap.  SMH at me.

There are 12 videos in all, not including the super short soundcheck fancams, which means I'm trying not to put them all on one page.  Today I'm posting 5 more videos, with some descriptions (aka fangirling) included for each one.

I didn't film the whole concert, even though I thought about it.  I filmed the parts that were relevant to what I liked the most, meaning I didn't film Seungri's solo or all of Taeyang's solo.  So sorry but they aren't my favorites.  I also didn't film all the longer songs.

At this point is when I realized that filming for 30 minutes probably wasn't a good idea so I made the videos shorter.

First up is "Blue":

This is around the time that I started to think that Taeyang sounded way better in person than I'd thought he would.  His voice usually sounds weaker to me in the performances I've seen of theirs but he was mostly on point in this concert, minus a few wobbly bits.

"Love Song", "Monster" and Feeling":

I so love these songs.  I almost fell out when they started singing "Love Song".  I do like "Monster" quite a bit but I love me some "Feeling".  Sorry for all the jiggling at first.  Jiggling = me dancing and/or having a heart attack.

I do have to say that I think that all of Big Bang seemed so happy to be here in New Jersey.  They seemed to be having so much fun, being silly and teasing each other so much.  It struck me just how subdued GD kind of is.  He doesn't come off like the life of the party when he's not being his crazy performance alter ego.  I used to think Taeyang was the quietest one but I guess the roles have switched somewhat.

I'm also really impressed with Big Bang's English.  I neglected to mention it in my last post but all of them really put in the effort to talk in English for about 99% of the concert and only spoke in Hangeul for a few minutes.  I'm quite impressed.  Even Seungri, who seemed to struggle the most with his English, talked a lot throughout the concert.  I especially loved the fact that Seungri put so much effort into something that is clearly hard for him, just for us.  I'll be the first to admit that he kind of annoys me sometimes but listening to him talk on this night actually made me like him a lot more.

Next are Taeyang's solos:

Wedding Dress- In which Taeyang rips off his shirt:

This song and "Where U At" are my favorite solo Taeyang songs.  I hope he releases a new album soon, if only to be able to hear some great songs like this.  As a friend said, she likes when Taeyang is choreographed not when he's all try-hard with his incessant dougie-ing.  I would have to agree with that.

Lastly is Daesung's solo, "Wings":

I do like Daesung and can admit this is a fabulous performance, but I don't heart him like I do G-Dragon and T.O.P.  I took this fancam just for my friend Stormy, who loves Daesung and couldn't be there that night.  Awww right?

Hope you're enjoying the fancams so far.  I have four more for tomorrow and then that will be it!  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Source:  Big Bang's official Facebook.  All videos by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.


  1. I'm screaming right now! No really! I forgot it was 1am >.<

    Yah! Someone has to love Daesungie! >.> Right? ^^
    I'm so grateful my friend. and really sad we couldn't see each other again T_T
    Fist pumpin and bouncin on my futon ^^

  2. Lol nice! Lol @ screaming. That's awesome. I'm glad u like it!

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