Video of the Day: Seungri's "GOTTA TALK TO U" MV + His Surprise Visit To Inkigayo

YG Entertainment was actually on time with their release of Seungri's newest mv, "GOTTA TALK TO U" and album "Let's Talk About Love".  In fact they were even early!  Can you imagine?  I wouldn't be able to if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  I've got my usual review with screencaps, so keep on reading:

seungri gotta talk to u mv hq screencap 1

Damnnnn RiRi!  You sure are looking good!  I'm going to have to take it back to the '90s and admit that he is looking "foine" in this mv.

seungri gotta talk to u mv hq screencap 2

This video was beautifully shot by director Han Sa Min, who directed Big Bang's "Monster," "Bad Boy," and "Blue."  I took wayyyyyyy too many screencaps because I couldn't even help myself.  There were too many incredible shots to choose from.

According to Seungri and his stylist Jieun, the purpose of this video is to make him look cool and I think they managed that in spades.

seungri gotta talk to u mv hq screencap 3

He sure did fake me out with this song!  I was thinking this was a slow tempo-ed tune for the first 50 seconds and then the drop came in and I had to smile.  Is that a Rick Ross "Everyday I'm Hustlin'" sample included in that drop?  Niiiiiccceee.  It's still a mid tempo song but it is a flaw free one.

seungri gotta talk to u mv hq screencap 4

Here I was hoping that V.I. would release the "Let's Talk About Love" mv first (because, let's be honest here, who isn't?) but I am super pleasantly surprised by this.  Now I have to laugh at myself feeling semi-bored with this comeback a week ago.  Little did I know!  I have been served, and it feels so good.  There's even bootie pumping and hip thrusting in this mv!  Go on playa, get it, get it!

seungri gotta talk to u mv hq screencap 5

seungri gotta talk to u mv hq screencap 6

I was already loving this song when RiRi brought out the big guns with that classic house music drop at minute marker 4:08.  I am now a goner.  I have become a Seungri fan, or a V.V.I.P.  Let me just heave a big sigh and say that is perfectly all right with me.

seungri gotta talk to u mv hq screencap 7

There are no bad parts to this tune.  Every moment flows seamlessly into the next, there are no sudden harsh segues, even when it turns into a something completely different.  I'm so glad that he decided to release this song first because goes down smooth and delicious enough like a yummy dessert.

Did you know that RiRi wrote, produced and composed all of the songs for the album?  Very cool and I hope they're all as good as this one.

seungri gotta talk to u mv hq screencap 8

YG Entertainment has extra been smart with their more recent marketing strategy, which seems to be almost no marketing strategy at all.  They put out some pretty pics and let their artists do all the social media work, which I continue to think is a genius move.  I know I'd much rather see "candid" info about an upcoming project than an obviously prepared bombardment of stuff cooked up by some PR team.  Of course we all know that 99% of it has been planned out beforehand but it's still nice to see them make an effort to pretend the opposite.

In another smart move, Seungri showed up at Inkigayo today for a little pre-comeback promo:

Obviously I can't wait to see this performed on stage, so you know I'll be waiting eagerly awaiting his comeback on all the shows.

seungri gotta talk to u mv hq screencap 9
How many fans do you think are mad about this?

Click here for my next post featuring all the songs from Seungri's "Let's Talk About Love" album!

Did you love the "GOTTA TALK TO U" mv and song as much as I did?  Let me know:

Source: BIGBANGninginygunited.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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