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The "Oh So THAT'S What You Were Doing" Edition: G-Dragon's 2nd Album "Coup D'etat" Teaser

By now you've probably watched the teaser for G-Dragon's 2nd solo album, which is called "coup d'etat" and uttered a long drawn out, "Ohhhhhhhh ohhhkayyyy".  You might have even heaved a little sigh of relief, even as you marveled at the extent of GD's (or his art director's) genius imagery.  That's what I did, anyway, because today was the day the whole G-Dragon blackface controversy was finally laid to rest.

g-dragon coup d'etat album teaser screencap 130818_1

Lyrics English Translation:

"Shake the world. Since I was born..
The fake ones will be caught soon
but the real ones are different."
When people see me, they tell me
that I am the right answer.

So obviously this is not your usual Kpop mv.  There will be no candy colored cuteness nor any slickly filmed dance numbers.  This is GD doing his version of a Madonna or Lady Gaga comeback.  He's got the "let's shock 'em and awe 'em" style down pat and I cannot wait to see what else he has in store for us.

You know what else I can't wait for? All the fashion. I'm already dying and they've barely shown anything.  This headpiece alone killed me:

g-dragon coup d'etat album teaser screencap 130818_2

This mv is a complete 180 degree turn around from his usual style, which I love.  What it's still got is that G-Dragon bravado and those audacious lyrics we've come to know and love.  He's been there, done that with the hyper-colored, over-the-top mv genre so it's nice to see him try something new.  

g-dragon coup d'etat album teaser screencap 130818_3
Is that a piece of foil in his mouth?

Clearly this is what Papa YG was referring to when he made a statement about G-Dragon's alleged blackface Instagram image, and damn am I glad this is what it turned out to be.  Was GD doing blackface?  No.  Could the whole thing have been handled better?  Definitely.  How about this?  Next time you feel like posting a crazy teaser pic, please add a short explanation.  Explanations = less drama and less unnecessary racism (check out some of those comments if you don't know what I mean) and I can safely say I think most (sane) people are all for that.

g-dragon coup d'etat album teaser screencap 130818_4

As for the song, it seems to me that this was just the chorus on a loop.  I think I need to hear more before I can make any sort of decision on whether I like it or not.  I give it a tentative thumbs up, with the option to change my mind if needed.

g-dragon coup d'etat album teaser screencap 130818_5

I'm glad this teaser was released on Jiyong's birthday (happy birthday!) but I don't know how I feel about teasers on top of teasers on top of comebacks from GD and crew.  I know YG Entertainment wants take over our brains for the fall and holiday season but I kind of need a breather between all these incredible comebacks.  I don't need for said brain to end up imploding and oozing out of my ears, people.  I refuse to let myself turn into a YG zombie... I refuse!

g-dragon coup d'etat album teaser screencap 130818_6

In case you were wondering, I'll let you know that Seungri's comeback does not trump G-Dragon's comeback in my world but I am interested to see how everything plays out.  Will they be battling it out for trophies on the music shows?  I highly doubt it, but wouldn't that be fun to watch?

What did you think?  Give me all your G-Dragon "Coup D'etat" album teaser feels in the comments!


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