Video of the Day, The Late Edition: B.A.P's "Hurricane" & INFINITE's "Destiny"

I know a week or two has passed since B.A.P's "Hurricane" mv and INFINITE's "Destiny" mv were released, but I have been wanting to talk about both of these videos for the longest time.  Normally I'd have moved on by now but B.A.P and INFINITE are my boys!  They're farther down on my bias list but they're still up there, ya know.  I like them a lot, so this post had to happen in some way, shape or form.

I have to start with the "Hurricane" mv, because I've decided that it could very well be my favorite B.A.P song.  This seems to be an unpopular view, because I know quite a few Babies (B.A.P fan club) were not too happy with it.  People were all, "This is no 'Warrior!!!!'" and "What is this even???" all over the internet after it came out but I liked it, and I liked it a hell of a lot more than that boring ass "Coffee Shop" mv.  Yes that's right, I said it.  "Coffee Shop" is so boring that I could use either the song or the mv as a sleep aid instead of Nyquil.  Watching it was like being in Purgatory for 3 minutes and 41 seconds, which is why I was so happy to see them come out with something more hip hop inspired.

Zelo is such a cutie but what's up with the ajumma hair?

"Hurricane" is certainly a departure from B.A.P's usual fare and, while I do like that they're experimenting with different genres and styles, I'm starting to wonder if they'll ever settle into something they can call their own unique style.  While "Warrior", "Power" and even "One Shot" are obvious B.A.P anthems, it's a problem when the only way I can tell a song is yours is because of Daehyun's vocal stylings.

I sometimes get the feeling that TSENT is flailing around, trying to find a signature style that they can work within.  I just hope they get to that point soon.

This was my favorite part of the mv:

"The loof, the loof, the loof is on fire."

The loof, Himchan?  Hahahaaa poor thing.  He tried, though... he tried.

Next up is INFINITE with "Destiny".

Talk about a group with a signature style!  You always know an INFINITE song when you hear one, even if it's something slightly different, yet their style never gets old.  Woolliment seems to have had a sound plan for INFINITE from the get go and it shows.  They are seamless, they are on point, they have a cohesive look and they are really damned good.

"Destiny (Version B)" is your typical dance mv with a cool twist.  I like how it's set in some deserted, futuristic looking dystopian world where the boys of INFINITE seem to have some sort of nebulous powers.  Are they powers for good or bad?  Does this video even make sense?  Who knows, they just look cool.  I also like how Woolliment never makes them perform in a box.  They're always out and about somewhere, whether they're just dancing or they have an actual storyline.

I really don't know how their choreographer does it time and time again.  He always manages to make their incredibly complicated signature moves look like something new.  I don't get it but I love it.

Their stylists also deserve a mention.  I'm always like, "Wait, are those feathers?  Is that fringe?  Does he have on a leather coverall?  Is that dirt on their faces?", but it just works for them and it even looks good.  Job well done as usual, people.

As for the song, it's that '80s-brought-into-2013 sound that they're so well known for.  It's almost as if they sampled the strings from an ABBA song and then built upon it from there.

One thing that stood out to me is that unlike Himchan and his "loof", Sunggyu sounds like a native English speaker when he sings "You're my destiny".  Another thing I'll mention is that I often find myself thinking that the the rapping in most Kpop songs is unnecessary but I usually find that Dongwoo and Hoya's raps blend seamlessly into INFINITE's songs, and this was no exception.

I wasn't into their last single, "Man In Love", so I was a little worried about this new release.  However, I'm happy to report that I'll be adding "Destiny" to my INFINITE mp3 collection in the near future.

What did you think of  B.A.P's "Hurricane" and INFINITE's "Destiny"?

Source: TSENT2008woolliment.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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