Kpop WTF: G-Dragon To Release Another Album In August, But Where's Taeyang's?

YG Entertainment's CEO, Mr. Yang Hyun Suk himself, has recently taken to the YG-Life blog to expound on what's going to be going on with YG artists for the 2nd half of 2013.  On the 25th he dropped some G-Dragon knowledge that has sent Kpop fans into a tizzy, but where's the news on Taeyang's new album?  That's what I really want to know.

gd and yb

Just in case you live on the back side of the moon, I'll give you some background info.  In the past week and a half YG has blogged about 2NE1 and their soon-to-be insane schedule.  He told us about letting his trainees battle it out to form a new boy group and he informed us that his new girl group would each go solo first and THEN become a girl group.  Ohhhkayyy.

With each info dump I became more and more intrigued, and kind of appalled.  But then came the G-Dragon info:  GD will be releasing a new full album on August 18, aka his birthday, aka the anniversary of his first solo album.  Well damn.

g-dragon heartbreaker album cover
G-Dragon's first album, "Heartbreaker".

As if that wasn't all, YG dropped another bomb: Missy Elliot has collaborated with GD on a track for the album.  BOOM!  Shockwaves heard 'round the world.   In case you're too young to know, Missy Elliot is a big deal.  She's one of the best female rappers, and is world renowned.  People have been waiting for her to stage her own comeback since 2006, so for her to do a collab with GD, well, that's priceless.  The world will be watching him now and he needs to go hard.

Folks that had no idea who this dude G-Dragon is, knew a bit more after this:

Check out all those retweets and favorites... Also priceless.

You're thinking, "His first album was incredible!  What could he possibly do to top that?" and you would be right.  He's got a lot to live up to.  Plus, now that the world is watching, what will he do with all that attention?  I'm sure the pressure is extraordinary.  Yeah Missy Elliot is a big name and all that but here's the thing: She also needs G-Dragon's name to help her out since she's been gone so long.  Pretty ingenious, I must say.

This brings me to the second part of this post.  Where the hell is Taeyang's album and why are you holding it hostage, YG?  You told us 2 days ago that you'd be writing a post about it the next day.  Apparently "the next day" to you means "whenever the hell I want".  Uggh.  You are one devious (and annoying) man.

Taeyang released his first full album on July 1st, 2010, which means that soon, 3 whole years will have passed since then.

taeyang international solar album cover
The cover for the international version of Taeyang's 1st full album, "Solar".

There has been a ton of talk and speculation about Taeyang's next solo album, and fans have been waiting with bated breath, (hanging by a toenail, standing outside his house with hopeful expressions on their faces, whatever euphemism you want to use) just for some news.  Heck, I just want the date.  They don't even have to release any teasers or anything, just release the album dammit.


Wait... Why are you doing this to Taeyang?  Does he even know the official album release date?

Meanwhile G-Dragon has released an album, some singles, gone on a solo world Asia tour, done commercials, written and produced songs, etc., etc.  You get what I'm saying here.  We hear about him Every. Single. Day.

Now don't get all excited here.  There's no need to leave me hate comments or anything like that.  I love G-Dragon to pieces and cannot wait for whatever he has in store for us, but someone on Twitter put it very succinctly.  She said that it's as if Big Bang is a family with 5 amazing siblings, but their parents only talk about that 1 super special sibling all the time.  Agreed and co-signed, my friend.

As a matter of fact, where's T.O.P's next album at, and how about Seungri's?   We want them sooner, not later, YG, so get to work.... No stalling, ya heard?  We're tired of waiting.

Source: YG-life.  Quote from @vipnikiki.

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