SHINee's "Everybody" Album Digital Booklet, Listening Party + A Reader Reviews The "Everybody" MV

SHINee's "Everybody" album came out last night while I laid in bed, too tired after a long day to blog about it even if I wanted to.  I did make sure to do some squasping as I downloaded and listened to the album in full before I fell asleep.  Now I'm finally here with all the album art and track for your viewing and listening pleasure.  Take a look:

SHINee Everybody full album:

Which songs are your favorites?  I'm going to have to go with, of course, "Symptoms" plus "One Minute Back", with "Destination" as a distant second because it reminds me of old school SHINee.  I'm going to have to let the rest of the album marinate in my mind for a bit before I decide if I like it but as of now, it's not my favorite of their album releases this year.

 The other day I wrote about how I feel about the title song, "Everybody" but, contrary to what you might think (or what's happened in the past), I'm still not into it.  Even though that post was a bit disgruntled and ranty, people still took the time out of their day to write long and thoughtful comments about what they thought of the song and mv (I love you guys, I really do!).  I'm so glad that most of you understand that my thoughts are just that, my thoughts and opinions and should be taken with a grain of salt.  I'm no expert, I'm just writing because I love it.  There were so many great comments but I felt the need to post the following review by reader Yannie because it was written like an article and is a good counterpoint to my post:

Overall I enjoyed the MV and played it many times.

- the ON POINT styling, especially the solo shot outfits which I consider the highlight. Everyone looks ridiculously good. I rewatched many times just to focus on each member, many OT5 feels were experienced.
- No more superfluous rapping to include Minho. He has a small section of the lyrics but it ~feels~ like *his* part and is an integral buildup to the chorus.
- More Minho-centric consideration by the choreography as he is kind of the axis of the dance (he winds everyone up and seemingly puppeteers them). He doesn't feel like a handsome addendum in SHINee anymore. I'm thankful for this
- Um ONEW on the floor with his raccoon eyes
- I am thumbs up on the choreography! More about this later

- The MV suggests a story in the beginning and then it's completely discarded once the dancing starts...why?? This half baked execution of their concept is disappointing because their image teasers from the beginning are very concept-driven. Even an 10 second cut of what happens to that kid in the end would have resolved it.
- I never got a closeup of Onew in his couch outfit. Just that part of him singing the high note and cameras zooming/tilting out. MVPs I KNOW U FEEL ME
- I loved the floppy hats/masks. Would have liked seeing those looks in the MV :<

- I'm generally not a fan of the Box but I think it's acceptable here, since the choreography seems to be the point of focus for 'Everybody'. This is the bread and butter of SM, sensory overload à la SMP. Would have been nice to try to keep the theme of miniature soldiers and have box sets that reflected that more. Perhaps the chess pieces were part of the idea?

More about the dance and the box:
I find Tony Testa's choreography to be polarizing, so I know where you're coming from. That is, the dances he creates are really extreme and you're either going to love it or think it's ridiculous. I was incredibly disappointed with 'Sherlock' when it came out, and your reservations about Everybody echo my reaction to Sherlock's release. I'm not going to delve into it but let's just say I had deep seated disdain for Testa's choreo and SHINee's wardrobe at the time. Time has softened my view and it has a spot in my heart now but I still can't watch the MV without cringing and looking away at Onew's mom hair. As for the recycled moves, I feel like it's a double-edged sword. On one hand, it's a valid observation that this feels like Testa being repetitive and uninspired, especially for anticipating fans that closely watch all their routines. Another take on it would be that this allows a casual non-fan viewer, who doesn't pay much attention to the group, to unconsciously notice a distinct visual style to SHINee performances. Also who knows, maybe management wanted to keep repeating certain elements for this effect. I know that Key has mentioned that starting on their 3rd album, they were trying to find ways for people to 'get' SHINee more quickly and easily so they focused on 'simplifying'. I personally would like some new blood though, and Why So Serious was refreshing.

Additionally, I think Everybody is a good way to end 2013. Misconceptions of Us was an exploration of what was possible with SHINee's image as artists, a look at their past and their future. So Dream Girl and Why So Serious are catchy songs but the real strength is in the actual listening experience of each Chapter, because those releases are well executed conceptual albums. What I've found is that for the fans that were lukewarm about Dream Girl and Why So Serious, they tend to really enjoy Everybody and consider it the Shinee that they've 'been waiting for'. So the way I look at it is that this is the balance that SM is trying to strike, and the inherent tension existing within SHINee: how to break new ground and go beyond old k-idol conventions, but still be pop and excel in a genre that can be justifiably be labeled as formulaic.

...Um yeah. So basically Everybody is probably not going to everyone's cup to tea but I have a good feeling there will be other songs in the mini album will you'll enjoy Erika!

-Yannie (read the rest of the comments here)

That I do, Yannie, that I do.

Now it's your turn to tell me what you think of SHINee's "Everybody" album.  Meanwhile, I'll leave you with their digital album pics.  Be sure to check back soon for HQ photobook pics, which will be posted as soon as they become available.

Source: krisbrows7, SHINee official site.

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