Video of the Day: SHINee's "Why So Serious?" + Album Info

Those fabulous SHINee boys, ahem... men... have officially released their mv for "Why So Serious?", as well as the album "Why So Serious? The Misconceptions of Me".  Are you excited?  I know I am.

Shinee Why So Serious mv BTS image 1

If you've been a long time fan of SHINee, you know "Why So Serious?" is quite a departure from their usual style of music.  To me it sounds like a mixture between the band Queen and '80s arena rock.  This isn't too much of a surprise, since "Chapter 1: The Misconceptions of You" was steeped in nostalgia.

Shinee Why So Serious mv screencap 1
You mostly see the back of her head.  Weird.

I get the feeling that this mv had to be completely edited because of Jonghyun's absence.  The "love interest" seems to waft in and out of scenes without being fully shown and there's not really much of a story.  Where's that zombie romance we were promised?  I barely saw the girl, much less a romance.

Shinee Why So Serious mv screencap 3
One of my favorite dance moves.

As for the choreography, well... choreographer Devin Jamieson (who's worked with Super Junior, Michael Jackson and more) did an excellent job.  Look at Minho and Onew shake those hips (especially Minho)!  We all know Taemin and Key can dance but this is something else.  I was seriously impressed.  I do have to say that Minho and Onew have obviously been taking a lot of classes and/or practicing a lot because their dance ability has improved by leaps and bounds.  I have not been able to point to either of them and say, "They can't dance that well" since the Sherlock (or even Lucifer) time frame.  Great job guys.

I really wish SM Entertainment had released a dance version alongside this one, just like they did for "Dream Girl", because this looks like it will be a sight to behold.  I'm ready to see them perform later today on KBS's Music Bank, aren't you??  They'll be performing "SHINE" and "Why So Serious?", so get ready.

Shinee Why So Serious? mv screencap 2
Those look like real smiles, unlike the ones in the mv for Dazzling Girl.

The only thing that was weird about this mv was, of course, No Jonghyun.  Sigggghhh.  The song sounded not quite right without his inimitable vocal stylings.

The rest of Chapter 2 is also full of references to the '70s and early '80s and it works for them.  I think they did a better job bringing a more modern feel to the songs in this album.  So far my favorite songs are:


"Like a Fire":

and "Excuse Me Miss":

You can listen to the rest of the album here.

Please note that I'm just posting these Soundcloud files for listening purposes.  Please make sure to support SHINee by buying their album if you can.

I also like "Sleepless Night" quite a bit, which TVXQ's Changmin wrote.  The only part that I'm not a fan of is Minho's rap.  I found it pretty unnecessary.

Oh by the way, I have to give kudos to SM Entertainment for finally releasing their mv and teasers on time, as promised.  Good job and thanks for not stressing us Shawols out.  We really appreciate it.

The digital album can be downloaded on iTunes US, iTunes Japan and iTunes China, as well as sites like Soribada if you want your album purchase to count towards their music show rankings.

I'll be posting their Music Bank comeback show later today, so stay tuned.

Shinee Why So Serious mv bts image 2

What did you think of Why So Serious?  What did you think of the album?

Source: SMTOWN, fuckyeahdivakey, kurushiba.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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