Kpop WTF: SHINee Makes Their Comeback With An MV For "Everybody" + M! Countdown Performances

SHINee has finally dropped their mv for "Everybody" and made their first music show appearance today on MNET's M! Countdown.  Normally I open a post like this with the oft used phrase "SHINee's Back!" and appropriate fangirling but I'm only half feeling their "Everybody" comeback.  Dammit!  I wanted so wanted to love it, but I can't.  I'm going to be completely honest here, because that's what I do on this blog, so brace yourselves:

SHINee's "Everybody" and "Symptoms" comeback on M! Countdown:

Will someone please tell all music show cameramen to stop making so many fast cuts?  It's annoying, as well as bit disorienting.  I'd be pretty unhappy with this camera work if I hadn't seen the multiple fancams from their Everybody Comeback Special the other day.

Anyway, I'm so disappointed in SMent right now!  You had all the makings of a great comeback season in place but then this happened and I am underwhelmed.  This mv could've been SO daring and bold but it's not, and there's a few reasons for that.  Sigh... where to begin?  I guess I'll start with the mv and move on from that.

What's up with those opening mv shots?  I see you were going for this dystopian, futuristic vibe at first with the kid in the mask and the robot soldiers in formation and all that, but then you scrapped it for your typical mv-in-a-box.  Would you guys please stop with the box thing???  It was old 2 years ago, which means that by now it's feeling pretty ancient.

I would've been totally behind all this if you'd stayed with your "Everybody" image teaser concept or even the future-as-robots concept but noooo.  You had to do the dance mv.  Please tell me that there's a second mv that will be released with all the edgy clothing and a plethora of masks and poses!

Moving on to the choreography, because normally I'm all for a good dance mv so why am I complaining?  Well, I'm going to have to admit that I do not like it.  I was fully endorsing Tony Testa and his "Sherlock" choreography (I could go on and on about how incredible it is and how well the boys perform it, but I've done that in many a previous post).  I also enjoyed his "Dream Girl" choreography with all of SHINee's most iconic moves because it was fun and well put together; however Tony's started to recycle the same "Sherlock" moves over and over and it's gotten really old really quickly.

I know I'm not the only person that is missing Rino Nakasone right about now!  Every choreography Rino did for SMent was fresh and new and that's what I loved about her.  I'm very sorry to say this but Tony's moves have gotten stale for me.  Move on to the next, SMent; it's time.

I will say one good thing: Taemin, you are fierce!

SHINee Sherlock choreography:

Rino Nakasone and friends performing her "Hello" choreography:

This might all have been ok if the boys had had more time to prepare and to wow us like they normally do.  See, what I'm saying is SHINee is tired.  They're exhausted and they're not on their A game.  They've been going for almost 2 years straight without a real break and the cracks are starting to show.  It's obvious that SMent pushed this concept forward and didn't give them ample time to prepare, and that sucks really badly.

This worries me.

You know what though?  I can see where they're coming from with all this.  2013 has been year of "SHINee Is Manly and All Grown Up" media play (along with lots of "scandals" for SM Entertainment to cover up) and it's been working.  You could totally see and hear their maturity in their releases this past year and I was with them all the way.  Many baby Shawols were crying for the return to SHINee of the past but hey, guess what?  These guys are all over 20... that ship has sailed and there's no turning back.  Let's just be happy that SMent has (mostly) allowed them to grow up.  There were so many instances of greatness for them this year that I'm unhappy to see them go out with half a whimper and not a full BANG.

This was me before the "Everybody" mv was released:

and now I'm like this:

and it is too damned bad.

There is a silver lining in all this: SMent, in all their infinite "wisdom", saw fit to promote "Symptoms" along with "Everybody".  Thank the heavens, because if not I'd be one depressed Shawol right about now.  "Symptoms" is everything I could want in a SHINee song/performance and more.

Hey, SMent?  If "Everybody" was your gambit to win some shiny SHINee trophies at the end of the year music shows, well... I'm not sure how that's gonna work for ya this time.  Maybe you should've gone with "Symptoms" as a title song.

Love it, hate it or meh?  Let me know your thoughts on SHINee's "Everybody" comeback below.

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