Big Bang's Seungri Has Got A New Teaser For "Let's Talk About Love"

It was kind of a surprise when YG Entertainment's CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, announced out of the blue that Big Bang's Seungri would be making a comeback on August 19.  I'd been anticipating G-Dragon and Taeyang's new albums, not Seungri's, so I was pretty flabbergasted when this news was unleashed.  Why do I get the feeling this was a rush job to cover up the fact that GD & YB's albums are late as usual?  Either way, I'm sure Seungri stans (and Seungri himself) are as happy as can be and hey, this teaser and tracklist is pretty nice too:

seungri let's talk about love 1st teaser

seungri big bang let's talk about love track list

As you can see Seungri's title track, "Let's Talk About Love", will feature the one and only GD, as well as Taeyang.  I assume GD will be rapping with Taeyang singing but one never knows, does one?

Jennie Kim, of "That XX" mv fame, will also be featured on a track from the album.  She could very well be rapping instead of singing on the song "GG BE" (whatever that means), because remember this?

I can't understand a word she's saying but she's a cutie and we all know how much that counts in the world of Kpop.

Take a look at YG's announcement about Seungri's album, in case you missed it the first time:
We believe that it is quite surprising and unexpected news that SEUNGRI will release his second mini album on August 19th.

This second album made up of six new songs will come about two and a half years later since the release of the first solo album in January 2011.

Like what he did for the first album, SEUNGRI has written the music and lyrics of this new album and done the producing.
The upcoming album’s title song is “할말 있어요”.
The music video of “할말 있어요” a house music song with a speedy but lyrical feel, is directed by Han Sa Min, whose previous works include BIGBANG ‘s “BLUE,” “BAD BOY,” and “MONSTER”. 
After releasing the new album on August 19th, SEUNGRI will perform actively in Korea until the end of September.
Then he will release his solo album in Japan on September 25th to continue his performance there. 
Following SEUNGRI’s comeback, other BIGBANG members G-Dragon and TAEYANG will also make their comeback with a solo album. 
G-Dragon and TAEYANG are staying up all night at their studios, putting the finishing touches to each of their new albums.

I bet they are, Papa YG, I bet they are.

To be honest I only really liked the song "What Can I Do" from Seungri's previous album, V.V.I.P., but that's because it was a great song.

They're saying "Let's Talk About Love" will also be house music based.  Good idea, since Seungri's voice is well suited to that genre.

Seungri's 2nd mini album will be released on August 19th online, and is slated for a physical release on August 21st.  I'm not excited but I am interested in taking a listen to it... how about u?

Source: yg-lifeBIGBANGYGEntertainment.

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