It's Finally Here!!! Big Bang Comes Back With Alive

Big Bang Comes Back With Alive

This post right here is ALL about Big Bang's Alive album... Let's start with:

Bad Boy mv-

Big Bang’s 5th mini album achieves ‘Perfect All-Kill’ on the charts
by JJ

Big Bang has achieved a ‘Perfect All-Kill’ as soon as the group released all the songs in the 5th mini album, ‘ALIVE’. Currently on February 29th, Big Bang’s songs are dominating the charts onMelon, Bugs, Mnet, Olleh, Soribada, and others.
The songs ‘Bad Boy’, ‘Love Dust’, ‘BLUE’, ‘Fantastic Baby, ‘Ain’t No Fun’, ‘Wings’, and ‘Intro (ALIVE)’, are ranked 1 through 7 practically owning the charts. It is especially notable to mention the track ‘Intro (ALIVE)’, as it is purely an intro as described and yet it is ranked at No.7.
BLUE, which was pre-released before the release of the album has ranked No.1 on most charts. Seemingly all of Big Bang’s songs are loved by the fans because the group is able to tackle many different genres such as hip hop and electronic.
The 5th album was produced by many YG producers with strong personalities such as G-Dragon, Teddy, and others. The music video for ‘Bad Boy’ was also unveiled with the release of the songs.
Big Bang has signed a deal with the world renowned concert production company, Live Nation to produce their world tour. Seoul concerts will be held from March 2nd through the 4th.
Additionally, ‘ALIVE’ has officially entered the top 10 on the best selling albums chart on iTunes at #8 and #3 on the top 10 pop albums.

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 The following is the album.  Please only download from reputable sites so Big Bang can reap the benefits/gain notoriety in the U.S.  I did not include "Blue" because I posted the video here.  I also didn't include the instrumental versions of "Blue", "Bad Boy" or "Fantastic Baby".  Listen quickly before YT deletes them.

Intro: Alive

Ain't No Fun

Love Dust

Fantastic Baby

Wings (Daesung Solo)

Source: BeryberyounGkpopidolgroup10

And lastly:

Big Bang Comes Back With Alive

G-Dragon of Big Bang shared a group photo on his me2day to celebrate their comeback with fans!
He posted on the 19th KST, “Big Bang start!” 
Source: allkpop

Well!  Fyi, I started dling the album from Itunes onto my phone on my way home from work.  I could not wait to get home to do it.

So far my thoughts are that it's really good.  I'm really biased towards "Bad Boy" so far.  That song is too good... it could totally play on U.S. radio right now and do well.  The video is great too, except I hate GD's hair and jacket.  I also had to snicker at Taeyang being such a tryhard in his dancing.  I<3 him to death though.

You know what's even better than listening to them?  Watching them perform!  Can't wait for their comeback performances.

Bonus vid:

2/26/12 Big Bang Making of Sunny 10 CF Interview Eng Sub

[BTS] 120226 Big Bang - Making of Sunny 10 CF +...

Source: BIGBANGnate and kpopfever via omonatheydidnt, screencap by me.

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