SHINee's "Fire" PV Preview + Tons of "Dream Girl" News

I went SHINee crazy on the blog in the past week.  There's nothing wrong with that, but the upshot of this SHINee-bration was that I felt like I had to relax on that for a day or two.  OF COURSE 20 things happened in the past few days, because that's how things go in the Kpop world so let me do a little recap.

The preview of SHINee's soon to be released pv and single, "Fire", has been released:

SHINee's "Fire" PV Preview + "Dream Girl" News

I like their neutral color palette and all those scarves and layers.  Makes me want to go out and get myself some desert colored layers.

SHINee's "Fire" PV Preview + "Dream Girl" News

As for the song itself, I'm not ever all that into ballads but I'm not going to decide what I think based on a teaser.  I did that for "Dazzling Girl", talked all kinds of crap here and then had to take it all back when I realized that I kinda, sorta liked it.  Plus "1000 Years" was extremely good, so I'll reserve judgement.

SHINee's "Fire" PV Preview + "Dream Girl" News

The pv does look like it's going to be gorgeous and they look fab, so I'm happy about that.  Onew does look kind of exhausted though.

SHINee's "Fire" PV Preview + "Dream Girl" News

The boys also held a live "Dream Girl" music spoiler event, which was sponsored by MelOn.

SHINee's "Fire" PV Preview + "Dream Girl" News

SHINee's "Fire" PV Preview + "Dream Girl" News

It was an hour long event in which 6 out of the 9 songs were revealed, plus some more info on the album:  
SHINee also revealed the choreography for the title song “Dream Girl“. As said before, the title song “Dream Girl” is an acid electro funk song, and is produced by Justin Bieber’s producerShin Hyuk and his team Joombas Music Factory. The big point of the dance was their standing mic dance. They got on top of mics, and even twirled them around in sync. The making of music video also showed them jumping on trampolines and using running machines.
SHINee revealed, “It’s our first full album that we’re releasing in a while, so we worked really hard. Minho and Key worked on the rap, Jonghyun worked on the lyrics, and Taemin worked on the choreography. The members all worked on the vocal parts. We all know each other well, so we were able to complete the best product.”
Seems as if it was well received by the press too!

Click here for more info.

SHINee's "Fire" PV Preview + "Dream Girl" News

SHINee's 3rd Album 

Chapter 1 "Dream Girl : The Misconception Of You"

SHINee's third album "Dream Girl" is scheduled to be released physically on February 20th (and digitally on February 19th).

The group's third album Dream Girl: The Misconception of You will come with nine tracks, including the highly anticipated title song Dream Girl. After last year's Sherlock fusion, SHINee's latest electropop dance single is being described as "acid electro funk." The song is produced by Shin Hyuk, the co-producer of Justin Bieber's One Less Lonely Girl, and his Joombas Music Factory team.

"The Misconception of You" is the first of two chapters of SHINee's Dream Girl album. The next chapter, named "The Misconception of Me", is set to release in April. Each album will contain nine tracks.

List Price: 15,500 KRW ($14.37)
Content: CD + Photobook (64 pages)

1. Spoiler
2. Dream Girl
3. Hitchhiking
4. Punch Drunk Love
5. Girls Girls Girls
6. Aside
7. Beautiful
8. Dynamite
9. Runaway

Information released at Melon Premiere for SHINee’s new album:

#1 - A song titiled ‘Spoiler’ will reveal other song titles; its lyrics written by Kim Jonghyun

#2 - There will be a total of 18 songs released for their new albums, in 2 different titles, ‘Chapter 1: Dream Girl - The Misconception of You’ (released on 21st February) and ‘Chapter 2: Dream Girl - The Misconception of Me’ (released in the month of April)

#3 - Track list for ‘Chapter 1: Dream Girl - The Misconception of You’; Spoiler , Hitchhiker , Punch-drunk Love , Talking Aside (방백) , Beautiful (아름다워) , Dynamite , It’s You , Dream Girl + 1 more

#4 - Taemin said:

“Dream Girl is not simply a girl, the girl i’m looking for can be myelf”

“I think fans will understand members’ profound thoughts expressed visually, n those who get it will become new fans”

”Our opinions are also reflected in dividing parts for members; we could do it because we know each other so well”

#5 - Jonghyun said:

“In Chapter 1: The Misconception of You, we put the most SHINee-like we can show you and what people conceive of us”

“In Chapter 2: The Misconception of Me, will show our world views; it will have deep and rough sounds; ‘Spoiler’ will be a song connecting the 2 chapters “

“We’re now done with all our preparations for the new album and had the happiest time; we’ve worked together for it”

“There are parts good for Taemin’s voice, Minho participated in chorus in falsetto, and Key’s english pronunciation is good”

“Parts are divided to make most of each member’s strength; we worked together happily for synergy effects”

”Song titles in ‘Spoiler’ include Dream Girl, Hitchhiking, Punch-drunk Love, Talking Aside, Beautiful, Girls Girls Girls, Runaway”

#6 - ‘Dream Girl’ is choreographed by Tony Testa, and includes dance moves from all SHINee’s title songs so far and "Hello".

#7 - Producer chief: “There’s another song mixed in ‘Sherlock’ besides clue n note; that’s Spoiler; Sherlock’s intro is merged in its interlude”

Cr.: juju_home

SHINee's "Fire" PV Preview + "Dream Girl" News

SHINee’s Me2day update 130214 - ‘Dream Girl’ Music Spoiler

[SHINee] SHINee Music Spoiler 끝! 여러분 모두에게 들려드릴순 없었지만, 19일에 ‘짠’하고 돌아옵니다! ‘Dream Girl’ 많이 기대해 주실거죠?^^


[SHINee] SHINee Music Spoiler ended! Although we are not able to let all of you listen, we will definitely make a sweep comeback on the 19th! All of you will look forward for Dream Girl right?^^

Translation cr. Forever_SHINee

Click here for more "Dream Girl" info on the blog.

I can't wait!!!  How about you??

Source: shineee.netallkpop via dispatch, forever_shinee.  Credit where due and as tagged.



  1. ZOMGZOMG WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! :D :D :D I CAN'T WAIT! NEW SHINee!! New SHINeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! *bounces around like a crazy person*

    I love Fire already haha! But those close ups of Onew, Taemin and Minho- they all really do look so tired! >.<

    Also- GAH THAT LAST PICTURE FROM ME2DAY! Minhoooo! <3 And handsome Taemin! Yay! And giant Jonghyun muscles O.O

    Gah, so excited ^.^

  2. I'm so dizzy... so many news 'bout my boys and I just want to shout : JUST GIVE ME THE SONGS!!!
    They're teasing me badly TT TT...

    Fire is BALLAD!!! Hahaha, I don't believe it, they give me more ballad (LOOOVVEEE ITTTT!!!) AND THE mv LOOKS SO GOOD
    But why they release Fire teaser first when Dream Girl will come out in 3 more days ??

    SM please don't put the boys in the box again, I'm begging you...

  3. I was wondering the exact same thing, but I think they're really just trying to build up anticipation for Dream Girl. Fire isn't as big of a deal for them in Korea, I guess. All of it sounds good though!

  4. Don't they look so good? SHINee's finally back! Squeeee!

  5. Ee! Eee! EEEE!!!!! Love love love the look, really love Taemin & Onew's hair, but I think Key maybe needs a tweak on the color? I'm a little scared though, the album medley sounds super produced, y'know? I'd love for them to do an acoustic album, that would be fabulous...


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