Jonghyun and Taemin Do Seo Taiji's "Internet War", Tear the House Down 120818

I had to post this 'cause they did it again.

SHINee's Taemin and Jonghyun perform "Internet War" by Seo Taiji at SMTOWN Live Seoul on August 18th and once again let it be known that they are adults now.

Here's another fancam of the relevant parts:

Umm... yeah... :wipes brow:  Phew!

Apparently they've been getting shit for it, which I'm not surprised about.  They first performed this in Japan, where things like this are a little bit more permissible than in South Korea.

Jonghyun even took to his Twitter account to say something about it:

Translation: I'm doing my duties. I'm thankful for you just watching me. Even if the things we want become different and we have no reason to see each other, I will still be on stage. I'll always be thankful to the people who I've met eyes with until then. It's not important where they are but how we met eyes at some point."
Translation: I met eyes with many people today as well. Whether those people liked or disliked my performance, I'm thankful that they created the performance together with me. Because there has to be people who are watching in order for the concert to be awesome.. It's an emotional time so it feels like going back to the 8th grade..!! keke Thank you for today ^^ It was fun"

He told you!  

Seriously though, good for him.  Hey people?  They're not little kids anymore.  Let them grow up.

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  1. yeah i totally agree!!!
    i love this performance and honestly nothing hardly even happened between them!!
    so glad my Dino changed his twitter dp to this performance!!!!

    people need to grow up!! i mean SHINee have!!

  2. Totally agree with u... They're not babies anymore! Lol... :)


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