G-Dragon Wears the Hell Out of a Man-Skirt For Harper's Bazaar Korea

As mentioned in my last post, G-Dragon graced us with a beauteous spread for Harper's Bazaar Korea August Issue.  Sadly, all we (mostly) get gracing our magazines here in the U.S. are (mostly) boring old emaciated actresses and models.  

I've posted about GD in a skirt before, because he certainly wears them well.  What do you think?

@hongjanghyun (Photographer): GD와 bazaar와 함께왔던. paris의 모든일정끝. 내일 서울갈일만.
Translation: Went with GD and Bazaar. All schedules in Paris are done.  Going to Seoul tomorrow.

Source: Credit as tagged, @hongjanghyun.


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