Fashion DON'T: Big Bang T.O.P's Prada Coat

Alright T.O.P, I'm all for you wearing funky patterns and crazy colors.  I get it... you want to be fabulous and there's nothing wrong with that.  I've seen you in some Prada coats recently and, even though some people have been talking crap, I've had your back.  I thought you looked really good.  However, let's get something straight: This is where I draw the line-

Big Bang T.O.P airport fashion 121214

Big Bang T.O.P airport fashion 121214, Prada
Prada Men's F/W 2012 collection

This coat is hideous and I think you know it too.  Look at your face here... You don't seem too happy.  I wonder why??

Everyone else was looking cute in their assorted designer goods:

Big Bang Taeyang Seungri airport fashion 121214, Galliano & Balmain

taeyang's balmain jacket
Taeyang's Balmain fur suede jacket,
originally $3742.
Seungri's Galliano coat
Seungri's Galliano coat (he added the fur),
originally $3000.

Big Bang Daesung airport fashion 121214 Rick Owens

Daesung Rick Owens coat
Daesung in a Rick Owens coat,
a few sizes left here.

Daesung Rick Owens sneakers
Rick Owen's sneakers here.

G-Dragon airport style 121214, Burberry Prosrum

G-Dragon's Burberry Prosrum jacket
Burberry Prosrum plaid peacoat,
originally $3190.

And yet they have T.O.P looking like a mix between an English dandy circa the 1800s and a 1970s pimp.  Let's get it together people...

What do you think of T.O.P's outfit?

Source: bigbangupdatesfarfetch, mrporterssense.


  1. Totally agree with you here about TOP's outfit. Daesung on the other hand is looking fine! ^^

  2. I thought it was photoshopped at first it looked so bad! And on my T.O.P too :( I thought everything looked good on him... but this is just a little too ridiculous for anyone. I agree that Daesungie is looking super fine here though- I like this hair ^.^

  3. Bloody hell he looks like the Queen of England! :D That is horrible! The other guys look good though.

  4. Lol u guys r killing me with these comments. Hilarious and true.

  5. Seungri's coat is gorgeous. No comment on T.O.P lol, but GD looks cute.

    1. Yeah.. everyone looks good except poor mad as hell looking T.O.P.

  6. And the ear muffs. Oh my god. He's usually well put together and he's normally dashing and can rock nearly anything he wears. I wonder what happened that day? He doesn't seem to happy, either. Haha.

    But yeah, the other members looked so good that day. Even YoungBae and Daesung who have been seen wearing sweats at the airport before.

  7. Lol he looks super mad in his ahjumma coat.


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