SPAM POST: SHINee's "Everybody" Comeback Special Fancams, Videos & Pics

Hey Shawols!  As I'm SURE YOU KNOW, SHINee performed their new songs "Everybody" and "Symptoms" at the SHINee Comeback Special showcase that was held earlier today during the Gangnam Hallyu Festival.  I woke up at the crack of dawn to watch it with some other Shawols but the stream was SO laggy (on account of some no good real time chat spammers) that I wanted to scream.  (we still had fun though).  I know the same thing happened to most people that were trying to view it so I didn't feel too bad, but I wanted to see my SHINee dammit!  So here's the next best thing.  I scoured the 'net for the best HQ fancams, videos and pics I could find and I'm posting them all here.  Enjoy; I certainly will.

(This post is image and video heavy)

This post revolves mostly around "Symptoms" and "Everybody" with a few "Selene 6.23" fancams added, since those are the newest songs.  To be honest, I really looked for videos of "Dream Girl" and "Sherlock" but there were only a few.  It seems like everyone felt the same way I did.  That being said, feast your eyes on the rest:

Key picking what I assume are boogers off the side of Jonghyun's nose.  Gotta love 'em!

Symptoms (group):

Symptoms sexy Jonghyun version. (not great sound):

Symptoms Taemin sexy version:

Symptoms Onew edit version:

Symptoms Sexy Minho version:

Symptoms Key version:

Talk + Everybody (group):

Everybody Jonghyun version:

Everybody Key version:

Everybody Taemin version:

Full (not good sound):

Everybody Onew version: 

Everybody Minho version:

Miscellaneous SHINee Showcase fancams:

Selene 6.23 (group):


Sherlock Taemin version:

Dream Girl rehearsal:

Symptoms Lyrics English trans:

What did you think of "Symptoms", "Everybody", their outfits, their makeup, their hair, etc.?  Comment below!

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