UPDATED: SHINee Gives Me Life With Their New "Everybody" Image Teaser

SHINee's "Everybody" image teaser was released today and I've pretty much been freaking out all day over here because this is the SHINee I've been wanting ever since "Lucifer".  I've also been wanting something like this ever since SMent announced a Dark!SHINee concept for "Why So Serious" and then didn't follow through (those bastards!).  SHINee in more high fashion plus a ton of awesome jewelry??  What more could this fashion enthusiast ask for?

Haute masked wind up dolls?  I like!

If this is not from their mv I will be so mad!  I even considered writing that in all caps so that I could impress upon you how mad I would be, but I figure I already seem like enough of a crazy fangirl; I don't need to be adding more fuel to the fire.

They have so much fun designer stuff in this mv that it's not funny, coupled with the fact that so far we've seen them wearing what looks like half of Thom Browne's men's ss 2014 fashion show, including those dumb frilly socks Taemin is wearing on the top left.

I especially love the masks, which remind me a whole lot of the Maison Martin Margiela masks from fall of 2012:

Beautiful art as fashion is what it is.  

Did you know that their "Everybody" choreography was done by none other than Tony Testa of "Sherlock" and "Dream Girl" fame?  I totally guessed it, and I'm also assuming he did the choreo for "Symptoms" because of some of the hand movements.  To be honest, I'm not loving the "Everybody" choreo or the song all that much so it'll be interesting to see if the mv can change my mind.

Here's the tracklist of the "Everybody" mini album for ya:

SHINee 'Everybody' Tracklist

1. Everybody
2. Symptoms
3. Queen of New York
4. One Minute Back
5. Destination
6. 매.그.너 (Close The Door)
7. Colorful

Ok people, I'm just going to leave you with some sinister screencaps from the teaser, because you know I had to make a ton of them for this 53 second teaser (sigh).  Let me know what you think of the teaser below!

Source: SMTOWNthedillychic.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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