Let's Celebrate, Because Block B Has Signed With A New Label!

It is another happy day in this fangirl's (fan-woman?) life because I just read that those crazy ass Block B boys are with a new label now.  Yesss!  Someone needs to come high five me, because I'm all sorts of pumped about this news.

block b

I love me some Block B!  I'm so happy that we'll be getting more Zico being weird plus his awesome rapping, more sexy U-Kwon, more of Park Kyung's big ol' teeth... and the rest.  Seriously though, I like them all, those are just my faves.

Want more info?  Read on.

As you know, Block B filed an injunction against Stardom Entertainment over their contract back in January.  Well it seems as if the two sides have finally come to an agreement, and Stardom has decided to hand over Block B's contract to a new agency called Seven Seasons.

A rep from Seven Seasons said:
"We will do our best so that Block B, who has spent a difficult time for a while, will be able to step foot back into the music industry and have their talents shine. In addition, we want to thank all the fans who continued to have faith in Block B, and we will make sure to pay you back for your trust."
They were also quoted as saying that Stardom supports them in all their future endeavors.

Party over here! 

infinite dongwoo dancing gif

block b excited gif

I'm ecstatic for the boys and happy for us too, because we get to enjoy more fun stuff like this:


Nillili Mambo:

Or how about some Zico and P.O. giving us their best Bob Marley impersonations?

Ahh I miss them.  I know I'm not alone in wishing them a speedy comeback, now am I?

In the words of a wise man named Zico, "Block B's in the house/We are back again/let's get this started."  Let's do this!

Source: tenasia, akp via naverrawrduddeLOENENT.

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