Block B Kills Me By Releasing UKwon and Park Kyung's "Nillili Mambo" Teasers

Block B's UKwon and Park Kyung's teasers have been released consecutively and I am half in love/half cracking up.

Block B Park Kyung teaser 121010

UKwon's teaser is all kinds of awesome contemporary dancing and an inexplicable gun.

But my favorite teaser is Park Kyung's:

Block B Park Kyung teaser 121010

Lol!  He's so serious with his Dougie...

Block B Park Kyung teaser 121010

...and I love how everyone's face is like wtf, especially this guy:

Block B Park Kyung teaser 121010

This is the best teaser I've seen all year.  Great job Block B, keep up the good work.  

Check out the rest of the "Nillili Mambo" teasers here and stay tuned for more.

Source:  LOENENT, Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.



  1. ALL MY BLOCK B FEELS BRO! ALL OF THEM -vomits rainbows-

  2. Lollll :dead: I died when I saw this this morning. U know. I love it when I'm blogging @ 6 am. Kyung moved way up my bias list with this.


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