Big Bang's Taeyang Is A Hit At Paris Men's Fashion Week 2013

Last week, Big Bang's Taeyang headed on over to Paris to take in a few shows at Men's SS 2014 Fashion Week.  This was kind of a surprise, seeing as this is usually G-Dragon's deal, but good for him!  It was nice to see another Big Bang member in the spotlight.

Since I've made no secret of my dislike of Youngbae's style in the past year (with his over usage of bandanna print and his love of too-big-for-his-frame clothing), it's pretty obvious why I was a little worried.  Would he wear something embarrassing like an all over scarf print jump suit, a lá CL's "Baddest Female" mv?  Would he wear something even worse?  Welllll... yes and no.

taeyang at kenzo 130629
Taeyang wearing Givenchy and Kenzo at the Kenzo show, 130629.

Let's take a look at the timeline:

Taeyang arrived in Paris on June 25th.

taeyang incheon airport 130625
Taeyang at Incheon Airport to Paris 130625.

He met up with Rick Owens on June 26th, as shown by this Instagram update:

taeyang with rick owens 130626

...took in the Raf Simons show later that day, then attended the Rick Owens ss 14 show on the 27th:

taeyang at rick owens fashion week 2013

As you can see, he had a gang of people following his every move:

taeyang paris men's fashion week 2013 rick owens

YB also attended the Louis Vuitton show on the 27th:

Wearing his Givenchy pre fall shirt, with some dude.

Notice the vampire grill?  Yeah this is what I was referring to when I said, "no".


taeyang at louis vuitton pfw 2013

Taeyang was also spotted with his vampire grill at the Junn.J show on the 28th.  I'm wondering if they make you drool out the side of your mouth?  

He took in the Givenchy show that same day:

taeyang paris mens fashion week givenchy

taeyang givenchy paris mens fashion week 2013

The next day it was all about Kenzo:

taeyang mademoiselle yulia 130629
YB with Japanese DJ Mademoiselle Yulia at Kenzo.

Between posing for pictures with Japanese DJ Mademoiselle Yulia, South Korean singer Taeyang said his band Big Bang was working on a new album and planning another world tour.

“We’re not sure if it will take in Paris or not, but I hope so,” said the musician, who has a devoted following in France. “When I arrived, there were a lot of fans waiting for me in front of the airport. It was really surprising.”
Cr. WWD.com

He also paid a visit to Coco Chanel's apartment:

taeyang coco chanel's apartment 130629

and met up with in demand model Soo Joo:

taeyang with soo joo paris mens fashion week 2013

Taeyang has made it safely back to Korea as of July 1st...

Taeyang at Incheon airport 130701.

... but has definitely managed to make an impact on the fashion world.  He even warranted a post on GQ.com's blog, which is all kinds of awesome.  People took notice, just like they did last year when G-Dragon attended men's fashion week.  Let's hope YB used his time wisely and cultivated some good new contacts.

I don't know about you but I can't wait to see what he has in store for us next.  Without the grill this time, though....


What did you think of Taeyang's Paris Fashion Week fashion?

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