Video of the Day: CL's "THE BADDEST FEMALE" MV

2NE1's CL has just released her mv for "The BADDEST FEMALE" and pretty much managed to throw some serious shade at all her contemporaries in one fell swoop.  

cl's the baddest female mv screencaps #1

CL was giving me serious life in this mv, with her designer this and designer that.  Her shoe game was, as they used to say, on point!  She also looked incredible in the mv with her flawless makeup and flaw free bod.  YG Entertainment mentioned 15 outfit changes and they delivered.

cl's the baddest female mv screencaps #2
You can get those Guiseppe Zanottis on the left on sale here,  and aren't those Yves Saint Laurents on the right?  

One thing though.  Your shoes are too big.  :side eyeing the stylists:

Let's not forget her song, because I'm loving that too.  I liked her flow and I really liked the song overall, I'm just waiting for someone to translate the lyrics.  Can someone get on that?  I need to know if it's as swagger-ific as she thinks she is, or just weak and possibly sad.  You just never know with these things.

cl's the baddest female mv screencaps #3

The only thing I didn't like as much was the transition to the faster part of the song.  Not as smooth as it could be, my friends.  Also that dubstep break: If you're going to use some in your song, you need to insert a serious bassline drop.  I do have to say that this was one of the best uses of dubstep in a Kpop song that I've heard in awhile, if ever.  Not bad, girl... not bad at all.  Thanks for not going super dubstep lite, as it were (:cough: T-ara :cough:).

cl's the baddest female mv screencaps #4

Lol at "Do the Unnie", by the way.  I love that she made up a dance step name for her song.  Nice!  However, where's the dance?  Is it the one she's doing when she says, "Do the Unnie"?

cl's the baddest female mv screencaps #5

Here's a serious question:  What's up with all the appropriation of ghetto-ness?  You know what I mean... the raggedy corner hair shop, in a jungle no less.  The head scarf, the '90s baggy pants with cut off tops, the vampire grill, the usage of double dutch, etc. etc.  I'm sure I could go on, but I won't.  Are they trying to be ironic, or are they just thinking it's cute?  Not a fan, guys, but we all know we won't be getting any answers anytime soon.

cl's the baddest female mv screencaps #6


I call this Mexican gangster in Los Angeles circa Boyz n the Hood.

cl's the baddest female mv screencaps #7

Please stop.

It's so great that all of YG Entertainment's resident gangsters came to support CL.  However, G-Dragon and Taeyang need to stop with those outfits.  They are pretty much a very strong HELL no.

cl's the baddest female mv screencaps #8

Regardless of all that, CL came out swinging with this mv and I cannot wait to see her be all "gangsta" during her comeback stages.  That should be interesting, to say the least.

What did you think of CL's "The BADDEST FEMALE" mv?  Are you loving it, hating it or feeling pretty meh?  

Source: 2NE1.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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