Kpop WTF: B.A.P To Make A Summer Comeback With 3 Songs

TS Entertainment announced yesterday that their not-so-rookie-anymore super group, B.A.P, would be staging a large scale comeback on June 28th with their 3rd mini album.  They were recently caught filming an mv in Las Vegas and it's been revealed that they'll be releasing and promoting 3 songs from the new album.  What??!

b.a.p live on earth wanted teaser released 130618
B.A.P's 1st teaser was released today.

I'm a little bit shocked and a lot dismayed, because weren't they just out with "One Shot" in February??  Didn't they release and promote "Rain Sound" in January?  Before that, it was "Stop It" in October of 2012, "Crash" in August and "No Mercy" in July and... well, you get the gist.

b.a.p no mercy mv screencap image
B.A.P having way too much fun in "No Mercy".

They've been promoting almost non stop since they first debuted in January of 2012 and I'm quite sure they're super tired.  I mean, I know these entertainment agencies like to work their groups to the bone but this seems excessive.

One of the best Kpop debuts ever, B.A.P with "Warrior".

I'm well aware that B.A.P, and by extension TSent, is trying to capitalize on their successes so far.  They're trying to solidify their place in the current Kpop landscape and to make sure that no one forgets about them anytime soon, and they've done that by releasing a shit ton of mini albums and single albums (8 to be exact).  The only problem with this strategy is that instead of releasing a lot of good quality stuff, they've run the risk of putting out some great music and videos mixed in with some duds.

B.A.P's "Crash" leaves a lot to be desired.

So far, the "One Shot" mv has been B.A.P's crowning glory.  I'm not sure how they could possibly top that, especially since they just recently wrapped up their whirlwind Live On Earth world tour.  Instead of getting a break, they seem to have been immediately whisked away to prepare for this new album.

On June 17th, in a statement from TSent, a rep said:

"It wasn't an easy decision for B.A.P to go with three title songs, as they've just entered their 2nd year, but they wanted to show a variety of their musical colors through this album, and we're confident none of the songs will disappoint."
I'm sure it wasn't "their" decision, now was it?  

Don't get me wrong, I like B.A.P... a lot.  I want the best for them and want them to win awards and all that good stuff, I'm just worried for them.  I don't want them to end up collapsing on stage or getting more injured than they already have been.  I also want them to get some sleep.  They don't need to be looking like this again anytime soon:

b.a.p selcas jongup daehyun and byg looking tired

They also run the risk of over exposure with all the comebacks, albums and music show appearances they've made over the past year.  

I'm still looking forward to see what they have in store for us with their Live On Earth-Wanted album, so I guess we'll have to wait and see how it turns out.  Good luck guys, but I hope you don't need it.


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