Kpop Rookie Face Off: LC9 vs. Bangtan Boys

As it stands this year over 30 rookie Kpop groups have debuted and only a very few have even made it to the public consciousness.  A couple of them have managed to catch my eye in the past few weeks, and those two would be LC9 and Bangtan Boys.  The why of it lies solely in their debut music videos.  The two groups have surprised me with their brash, bold and take-no-prisoner videos and I'm pretty hard pressed to pick a favorite.  So... why not have them battle it out?

bangtan boys vs lc9

In the left hand corner we have LC9, aka League of Competition #9, who were formed by entertainment company Nega Network.  They started out by teasing us with photos like the following:

lc9 teaser images combined

They don't make a great first impression do they??  I, and many others, were understandably unenthused by these horribly photoshop-ed images (I mean, ugghhh... really?), which meant I barely paid attention when they made their debut with the mv for "MaMa Beat" in early May.

I was finally told to check it out by a lovely blog reader and I'm quite glad that I did.  The song is nothing to write home about but they sure did come out swinging, didn't they?  I was not expecting that at all, but was suitably impressed.  LC9 have a few more versions of "MaMa Beat" floating around but none so riveting as this one.  In fact, I think I'm going to have to pause to watch it again...

Ok I'm back.  Phew!  

In the corner on the right we have the Bangtan Boys, aka BTS, aka Bulletproof Boy Scouts (I know, I know...).  

selca bangtan boys bts

BTS were debuted by Big Hit Entertainment, a subsidiary of JYP Entertainment.  These boys also came out fighting with their mv for the surprisingly hard rap song "No More Dreams".

What are they, like 15?  Ok, their ages range from 15-20, but my mouth was still left kind of open after watching this.  One thing though... why is one of them nicknamed Suga?  That's not even cute.

I hear references to old school rap like the Black Sheep, Dr. Dre and Wu Tang Clan in this song.  At first I was like, "Who do these upstart babies think they are??" but now it kind of pleases me.

The obligatory references can, and have, been made to Block B and B.A.P for both groups.  I do see the similarities in video style to B.A.P's "Warrior" mv, and the copying of some of Zico's rapping style but the similarities stop there.  I hope these two groups have made enough a splash with their videos for them to be able to gain some notoriety and we'll be able to hear more from them.

If I had to pick between the two, I'd go with LC9's mv combined with BTS's song, but that's what I'm thinking.  Now it's your turn:

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  1. BTS raps are refreshing no doubt but it was their cover of Mariah Carey's Beautiful that won me over <3 that and V is adorable!ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

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