Happy Chuseok! Block B's Zico Releases "Battle Royal" as a Surprise Thanksgiving Gift

Not that long ago, I mentioned on here that I was waiting with baited breath for a Block B comeback.  Well this is even better, imho (or almost as good, depending on your biases):  Today Block B's Zico released a surprise Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) gift of a song called "Battle Royal".  Listen below...

DIMA Big Show 120523

This song was revealed on their official Cafe Daum site for official fancafe members but Zico went on to tweet:

[ZICO] I composed the mixtape songs that I'll reveal this time around by adding lyrics on top after composing a new melody line from existing foreign instrumentals, later on I'm planning to release the songs at random, so please share it widely and enjoy listening to it!
Translation by: @bontheblock

The jacket picture, shown in the video, was also designed by Zico.

I am so loving this song!  Thanks Zico, and I hope this means that Block B will be coming back soon.

What do you guys think?  Missing Block B/Zico as much as I am?  Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook while you wait:

zico : @zico92
jaehyo: @blockbhyo 
b-bomb: @blockb2011 
kyung: @blockbkyung  
u-kwon: @u_kwon (U Kwon must have deleted his account after the scandal.  He used to tweet a lot).
P.O.: @pyojihoon (Same here)
Taeil: @bb_taeil
Stardom Entertainment: @Idol3_0Audition
Block B official Facebook: BlockBOfficial

Source: @ZICO92, Omonatheydidnt, Chic4Mari5, International Block: @bontheblock 1, 2, soothee.tistory, itsaboutk-pop, credited as tagged.


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