UPDATED: Get Your SHINee x Skechers Tees And Caps Before They Sell Out!

I've posted this on other mediums already but, just in case you don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter, here's the skinny on where you can buy your SHINee x Naver x Skechers stuff:

UPDATED: With links for international buying.

As mentioned before, Skechers decided to collaborate with SHINee on artwork for some special edition t-shirts and caps.  On June 25th Skechers finally put everything up for sale on their Naver website.  Click this link to and it will take you directly to SHINee's Skecher page, which (sadly) seems to only be in Korean.

SHINee's LINE update from today.

The tees are 29,000 won, which makes them about $25, while the caps are 21,000 won, which equals around $18.  Pretty cheap!

Click this link to go to their Skechers x Naver x SHINee main page.
Tees are size 100 = U.S. medium.

I have never ordered from either of these places, but have heard of DVD Heaven.  Neither of these sites are affiliated with SHINee, Skechers or Naver.  Order at your own risk!

I say if you're going to put part of it in English, it should all be in English.

130625 Skechers x Naver x SHINee Collaboration- Fashion Icon BTS video with English subs:

I like how Minho, Onew and Jonghyun went with something that relates to their SHINee names and that Key went with something that is so uniquely him.  However, to tell you the truth I had no idea what the heck Taemin's concept was until I watched this video.  Good to know, Taemin, good to know.

Check out some great pics from their photoshoot:

Ok so, who's buying something?  Be sure to leave a comment so you can gloat over your purchases!  

Source: Skechers x Naver x SHINee siteMarshymallowFluff.  Thanks Stormy!

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