UPDATED: SHINee Designed Skechers Wares Will Soon Be Out

SHINee has been spokespeople for Skechers since March of this year but now they're taking their partnership a bit further:

UPDATED: With individual HD pics from the Skechers design photoshoot.

Shinee for skechers brand

Pics of the boys drafting up their own designs for Skechers popped up on the 'net yesterday, and it was revealed that they'd be releasing products featuring SHINee's unique designs.

Shinee designs for skechers

A rep from Skechers said:

“The 5 members of SHINee actively participated in the design process from start to finish, and left the staff feeling stunned. The designs will focus on SHINee’s unique sense of style, so we believe that we can definitely produce something that will reflect on each member’s personality.”
SHINee's Skechers hats and t-shirts will go on sale through Naver's online shopping mall at the end of June.

Scroll down for all the pics of SHINee designing for Skechers.

Source: Yahoo! Phillipinesakp, forevershiningshinee0525 via Skechers' Naver blog.

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