2NE1's CL Releases A Fierce Teaser... Comeback Perhaps?

Just a few minutes ago a teaser featuring 2NE1's CL was released and the internet is awash in speculation... Is a comeback in the works?

2NE1's CL Loves teaser 130506 1

This would be the first teaser that's been seen for 2NE1 since July of last year, when the girls released their hit song, "I Love You".  2NE1 fans everyone are wondering whether this video is for the supposed upcoming full album that YG Entertainment has been trolling us with for the past year.

The speculation stems from this image of the girls that you can see at the end of the teaser.:

2NE1 & CL's CL Loves teaser 130506 2

I'm definitely rooting for them and hoping this means what I think it means.   Oversized spikes, bustiers, swords, black and white... What else could one hope for in a 2NE1 teaser?

If they end up releasing this song I do hope it sounds less like a hybrid between "I Am The Best", "I Love You" and their collabs with will.i.am than it currently does.  Let's cross our fingers and hope for the best!

What do you think of this video?  Are you hoping for a 2NE1 comeback?

Source: 2ne1loves2NE1 Loves vimeo.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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