SHINee Makes Their Comeback With "Why So Serious?" and "SHINe" On Music Bank

After releasing their follow up to "Dream Girl" last night, SHINee went all in today with their comeback stages for "Why So Serious?".  They also performed their new song "SHINE" AND sang live.  A SM Entertainment group singing live for their first comeback stage?  Whattt?!?  I'm shocked I tell you!

Shinee Why So Serious? Music Bank 130427_1

As I mentioned, SHINee sang live and did a great job while doing it.  I'm sure it must be incredibly hard to try to take over Jonghyun's parts, but they managed.  Onew was the best at this but Taemin really held his own.  I continue to be proud as hell of this boy MAN.  I felt bad for Key when he went flat a few times.  We all know singing isn't Key's strong point but he ended up doing well overall.

I have two things to confess:
1.  I don't really like "SHINe" all that much.
2.  Those outfits were atrocious.

SHINee SHINe Music Bank 130427
I'm sorry but that's a no.

I'm assuming the song is about sailors or sailing or some such, but I'm of the opinion that this was one of the worst concepts I've ever seen them wear, and that includes the outfits from their last Japanese tour.  I'd rather see them wear 50 million layers of plaid and floral patterns mixed together than this.  Minho's boots even had low heels (and he slid a little at one point because of them).  I can't even.
I've never seen such a literal interpretation of their songs before.  Even during their "Sherlock" promos when they wore those Sherlock Holmes style hats and cloaks (and all the other crazy stuff), they managed to make them look fashion forward and new.  This is the exact opposite.  The only one that looked halfway decent was Key, but I always assume that's because Key gets to choose most of what he wears onstage anyway.

"Why So Serious?" was much better, in terms of choreography, showmanship, live singing, etc.  They killed it here and looked awesome doing it.

I, as usual, have a question:  Does the Music Bank cameraman get off on making us viewers at home dizzy?  Because at one point I had to pause it and rest my eyes for a second.  Not cool, people.  You know we want to see what the choreography looks like up close and personal.  Just because the concept is "zombie" doesn't mean that you need to shake the camera while you're swooping in and out on them.  I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that they'll upload a dance practice video soon, because this dance looks pretty damned difficult.

My favorite part?  I really like how they all look like they're having the time of their lives while performing this song.  It reminds me of their stages for "Beautiful"  in that respect, and you know how I loved those.  Of course they could just be putting their game faces on but I prefer to imagine it this way.  Don't burst my bubble ok?

Another favorite part?  This:

Shinee's Onew Music Bank 130427_1

SHINee Onew Music Bank 130427_2

I love when Key incites Onew to commit mayhem.  Our fearless leader is fearless.

Surprisingly no fancams of these performances have been uploaded to YouTube yet, but I'll keep you posted when they do.  If you haven't watched the "Why So Serious?" mv yet, or if you're feeling as if you need to watch it again, you can do so here.

What did you think of these performances?  Let me know all your "Why So Serious?" feels in the comments below!

Source: JK Lee.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.

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