SHINee's Back With "Dream Girl" and "Beautiful" on M! Countdown

SHINee proves that they're incredible, as always, with their comeback performance of  "Dream Girl" and "Beautiful" on M! Countdown.

SHINee's M! Countdown comeback 130221

To all the people that freaked out over SHINee not singing "Dream Girl" live on their Comeback Special showcase, as you can see they sang "Beautiful" live and gave great performance.  That's not anything new though.  We all know SM Entertainment doesn't let any of their groups sing their title song live for their first few shows so they can focus on making everything as perfect as possible.  They'll be singing it live soon enough, so calm your tits.  

Can we talk about Minho's voice?  He's been singing a lot these days and he's gotten pretty good!  I'm so proud of him.  Everyone talks about Taemin's voice improving but no one gives Minho his due, which is a raw deal if you ask me.  He's obviously been taking some classes and it shows.  Good on you, Minho!

SHINee's M! Countdown comeback Dream Girl 130221
These outfits are so cute, especially Taemin's camo suit, Jonghyun's suit and Key's pants.

Let's also discuss Key's little dance solo in "Beautiful".  Usually it's Taemin that gets the dance solo, even though Key is just as good of a dancer, so it's nice to see them letting Key shine.  It's been awhile.  I noticed he's also got a lot of singing parts in this album and he's sounding really good!  I'm so proud, just as if I was their mama.  I'm just proud of all of them, really, but Key gets my main vote every time.

Most Kpop groups have 1-3 good singers and a few good dancers but most of them don't have a full complement of people with all those qualities.  SHINee is really shaping up into this Kpop super group of well rounded individuals that form a cohesive whole.  You can tell SM Entertainment is sparing no $$ on these fabulous boys nowadays, on everything from their designer outfits to their videos to their singing and choreography.  I'm thinking that they might be planning on having SHINee be their new TVXQ/Super Junior juggernaut group with the way they are promoting them.  No crappy (but fun) homemade teasers for them this time.  I'm so glad.  

What did you think of this performance?  

Check out more "Dream Girl" comeback coverage on Oddness/Weirdness here, and stay tuned for more!

Source: Evistar84.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.



  1. anyone know what brand Jjong's pants are?? i really want them for myself lol

  2. Of course, I'm So Proud of Minho As well!
    He has been doing so well! <3 <3 <3 <3

    Dibi Dibi Dis! my name is Minho :D

  3. Lol Gotta love Minho. I'm super proud of his accomplishments. Now everyone can stop giving him a had time about not doing anything in Shinee but looking good. Tsk.

  4. If you're talking about the plaid suit, he's wearing a Korean brand called Peu A Peu, which seems to only be located in Korea. http://peuapeu.co.kr/ I don't see the pants available for purchase though.

  5. I'm the one who asked about the pants and oh crap...I've just realized I asked on the wrong page. (too many tabs open lol)...sorry I meant to ask if you knew where the white pants with flowers that Jjong wears in the Dream Girl mv are from...

  6. Check out this post for your answer. http://oddnessweirdness.blogspot.com/2013/02/steal-their-style-some-shinee-dream-girl-comeback-fashion.html

  7. I loved every moment of that! Especially that little side stepping hands up jumping dance thing they've got going on in 'Beautiful'.

    Naturally of course, all the love to handsome Minho's outfit in Dream Girl. Just my style and colouring. *le happy sigh*

    Totallyyy didn't notice the mic stand break either! What pros <3


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