SHINee's Week In Review aka Damn, They Did A Lot Of Stuff!

It's been a long ass week since SHINee came back with "Dream Girl".  I feel as if it's been two weeks all condensed into one and I wasn't even there with them.  One can only imagine how hellish it was for the boys as they darted from place to place to place, but worth it for them in the end (we hope).

If you missed anything this past week, here's where to get it; so let's relive the craziness, starting with their comeback date:

SHINee's Week in Review 130219-130227

  • SHINee's back: The Dream Girl: Chapter 1 Misconceptions of You album is released on February 19th (Feb. 18th for us on the other side of the world) and Shawols everywhere lose their shit, because it is damned good.  One of my favorite songs on the album is actually their intro track, "Spoiler":

    • February 20th: The Dream Girl Naver Comeback Special is live streamed all over the world and a gajillion people try to watch it, even though it totally lagged for some of them.  I managed to find almost simultaneous uploads on YouTube, so that was good.
    Watch the whole thing + the mv BTS by clicking the link above or just check out their Eng subbed talking parts from the special below:

      • Some tweeting ensued, notably Key's model boyfriend friend, Park Hyeong Seop, tweeting (as usual) pics of himself with Key but with the other members included this time:

      SHINee's Week in Review 130219-130227
      See more here.

      Then it was Onew's turn on the 21st, with this selca:

      SHINee's Week in Review 130219-130227
      Trans: My mother's chubby.

      They look a lot alike, don't they??

      • Also on February 21st, the boys made their comeback on M! Countdown.  This happens to be the performance where Minho's fake microphone stand breaks and the members cover it up so flawlessly that people with regular, non eagle-eyed vision don't notice it, including me.  

      Still didn't see it clearly?  Check out this great gif set here, that shows you just what happened.  They're such professionals.   Thanks to Stormy for telling me about it and Starry N. for pointing me to the gifs!

      • Feb. 21st:  Taemin, Onew, Jonghyun and Minho were guests on Boom's YoungStreet Radio.  

      SHINee's Week in Review 130219-130227

      Here's 9 minutes of the show:

      -#1 【Trans】 Boom YS Radio : (02:48)

      Boom: "Taemin-ssi, when are you planning to return Noona's heart back?"

      Taemin: "I will not give them back ^^;;;"

      -#2 【Trans】 Boom YS Radio (~3:20)

      Boom: "Onew-ssi, which member has lost the most 'freshness' since debut till now?"

      Onew: "Minho"
      Minho: "You answered so quickly. I really got a shock"
      Boom: "Really, he answered without even looking into Minho's eyes. We shall talk more about this later"

      Read the rest of the fan account/English translation of the show here.
      Links to video of the rest of the show here.

      • Across town, Key was filming for Families' Dignity: Full House, whatever that is.  

      SHINee's Week in Review 130219-130227
      The episode will air on March 1st.

      • Meanwhile, that same day Onew was a guest dj on Sukira Kiss the Radio.

      SHINee's Week in Review 130219-130227
      I can't even!

      • Feb. 22nd: SHINee performs Beautiful and Dream Girl on KBS's Music Bank:

          Just in case you haven't seen this yet, make sure you watch all the way till the end, where the guys give us a little Sistar action.

          • That same day I started seeing tons of pics on Twitter of SHINee filming Guerrilla Date.  Apparently Key almost got crushed by the crowd and general mayhem ensued so they weren't outside all that long.
          Here's a fancam of Onew singing the bread song.   

          Watch the whole Guerrilla Date episode with Eng subs here, but do not reupload.  We don't want it to get taken down.

          • Feb. 23rd: SHINee guest stars on KBS's Love Request.

          SHINee's Week in Review 130219-130227

          That just looks super sad.  Notice they can't even smile while performing?  I wouldn't be able to either.

          • Feb. 24th: SHINee comes back on SBS's Inkigayo.  Check out their super cute backstage interview plus their performances.

          Did Key almost fall at 3:48?  Gah!  I swear every time I watch them perform "Dream Girl", I'm sitting there almost biting my nails, waiting for something bad to happen.  At least they got that out of the way with their first performance.

          • Still Feb. 24th: Filming KBS Hello:

          SHINee's Week in Review 130219-130227
          Cute socks, cute outfits, cute faces.

          • Feb. 26th: Jonghyun, Minho and Taemin hang out and chat at SBS Radio's Power Time.  The full video has been removed but here's a cut with Eng subs. 

          • Feb. 26th: Onew appeared on KBS's 1 vs 100.  Watch more cuts here with Chinese subs only.

          • Feb. 26th: SHINee filmed Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook.  

          SHINee's Week in Review 130219-130227

          • The boys win MBC's Music Show Champion!  Click here for pics and videos.

          Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed this post but guess what??  There's lots more schedule coming up for SHINee so get ready.  Oh, and later today they'll be hosting M! Countdown.  So much to watch, so little time...



          1. I don't feel 24 hours a day will be enough to watch all the fancam, the shows, the interviews, everything related to SHINee. Just like you said, so much to watch so little time. I just hope they stay healthy and get enough time to sleep. OMG, my mother in law is soooo cuuuteeee XD

            And btw, I always watch their Dream Girl performance with my crossed fingers, I don't want something bad happen, even they're truly professional but Dream Girl is the most difficult choreography they had. Sometimes I think SM want to kill them with their dance

          2. Your mother in law? I beg to differ! :)

            I also hope they're getting some rest but I bet not. They've been looking exhausted and I heard Key and Onew are sick, poor things.

            Dream Girl is hard as hell. I also cross my fingers, hoping that noone hits anyone else with a microphone or whatever. But! They get those choreographies because they are at that level. Noone else could pull those off.

          3. Wth? I swore I answered this. I composed some long comment about that's not your mother in law, etc., etc.... lol.

            I do watch with my breath held also. I keep thinking they'll hit each other in the head or something. Uggh... be careful!


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