SHINee Rocks My World With Their "Dream Girl" Album

SHINee's back!  That's right, I said it, because the "Dream Girl" album is finally out!  

Shinee releases their Dream Girl album
Dream Girl iTunes Album art.  Click for larger images.

Sorry this is so late but I was sitting here prepping this post thinking the mv would come out today as promised, which would have made this a Video of the Day post instead.  SM is really trolling right now, so that's a no go.  So I've given up and I'm going to bed, but first I'm going to do a bit of fangirling over the "Dream Girl" album.

Here's some "Dream Girl" for your listening pleasure:

Rather than listing all the songs I like, it would be easier for me to list the songs I don't particularly like, which would be "Girls, Girls, Girls" and "Aside".  Otherwise I'm thinking that "Dream Girl" is a much better album than "Sherlock" was.  I only listen to a few songs consistently on that album but I foresee myself listening to this whole album (except those 2 songs) over and over again.

I like how SHINee went back to their "Juliette" and "Replay" roots, but brought those songs into 2013 with a retro-modern touch.  I consider that a definite compliment, considering that "Juliette" is my favorite SHINee song ever.

You can listen to the "Dream Girl" album here but make sure to buy it so you can support SHINee.  Of course buying the album at iTunes does not help SHINee with their rankings on the music shows, but it will add to that "world star" image  they so covet when the album goes to #1 on iTunes charts around the world.

For the people who don't know Korean or how to get around those confusing sites, you can buy the album at iTunes or at Soribada's English site here.

Check out the rest of the "Dream Girl" album art in the new Itunes album format:

Shinee releases their Dream Girl album
Click to make bigger.

Shinee releases their Dream Girl album

I'm off to bed now, and if the mv comes out I'll have to watch it tomorrow.  Thanks a lot, SM!  Seriously though, thanks for giving the boys a lot of attention and care in the past year, which allowed them to come out with this incredible album.  They deserve it.

What did you think of the album, and what are your favorite songs from it?  Discuss:

Source: justdejavu.  Screencaps by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.



  1. I love almost all of it - except for Aside. Don't know why, it just doesn't do anything for me. And when does Taemin get to sing in a lower register? It's clear the upper one isn't his strength...

  2. I love all the songs in this album, just call me hardcore-delusional-whatever-shawol but I think this album is so good.
    Aside, Beautiful (can you believe they shouted at me and call me "areumdawo~", Hitchhiking (the raps just make me smile), Dream Girls (can't wait for the MV), Punch Drunk Love, Dynamite (yes, I'm explode inside), Girls3x (Gawd this is sooooooo goooo~~ddd), Runaway (of course I wanna runaway with you, babies)

    Okay, I'm done!!

    ps: have you seen their "Cant Leave" in Melon Music Spoiler?? I bet you'll be in love more on their ballads

  3. I posted answers to these comments a few times but they keep not showing up. Wth?

    No ballads! Jk... They're great no matter what they sing.

  4. For some reason these comments didn't post, dammit. Yeah Aside just is not something I'll be listening to anytime soon. However, I said that about Dazzling Girl and then look what happened.

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