Another Odd Opinion: Stormy Vents Her Frustrations With B.A.P's Live On Earth Concerts

I finally convinced my friend Stormy of UnderTheRadar! to write a new opinion piece, so it's time for Another Odd Opinion about B.A.P's Live on Earth Seoul concerts that took place on February 23 and 24.  Recently, we were discussing whether B.A.P had enough material and experience to throw a concert and, well... you'll see.  Check out Stormy's previous odd opinion here and be sure to leave us your thoughts on this one in the comments below.

Another Odd Opinion- A rant about B.A.P's Live on Earth concerts

B.A.P 'Live on Earth Seoul'

The first thing I thought of when I heard about B.A.P's solo concert was "Really?", "Seriously?", "They're still rookies!" and "Do they even have enough material to do a solo?"

Now before you start going all crey crey on me, I'm a Baby, like....a BIG Baby, I've been a Baby since, well since we were Warriors! It was love at first sight for me. These muti-talented guys just blew me away, and pretty much have been with every single release.

I know they have worked themselves into a frenzy trying to stay above board in the sea of rookies the last year.  As evidenced by their award wins, they are floating on top.

Still, honestly I was worried, and I guess some of my fears were justified as I read fan account after fan account yesterday.  I'm not gonna go into the mic failures and such 'cause that's not their fault and, really, that can happen at any concert.

No, I'm talking more about the incidences of awkward covers and lack luster talk time, and the fact that if Daehyun had not MC'd as well as he did, well, all might have been lost.

Ya know what?  I'm pretty upset at TS Entertainment for even pushing them this far so fast, even though I totally GET why they pushed them this last year, with so many new releases done so quickly.

But you know the one thing they didn't give them time for?

One word. Maturity. Okay two... Cohesiveness.

You really can't train for this. Groups wait years, yes years, until they get their first solo concert.  A solo concert is so much more than just getting on stage and performing like on a weekly music show. There you get one shot and you're done, but at a concert there is stuff that fans have come to expect, like... fanservice, and at least a little skinship even.

Another Odd Opinion- A rant about B.A.P's Live on Earth concerts

These guys have hardly been together long enough to know each other that well.

Unlike an UN-named group who's recent comeback involved a prop mishap on stage, but all members know each other so well that it was covered up almost flawlessly, and most fans had to be told about the mishap.  Maturity.  Cohesiveness.

I adore B.A.P so much and I really want them to have the time they need to develop these much needed skills.  It's really not fair, in my book, for them to have a concert so quickly that they had a tough time even in the talk portion.  A solo concert should be a HUGE celebration!  Not just for B.A.P, but for fans as well.

Another Odd Opinion- A rant about B.A.P's Live on Earth concerts
Erika says: PLEASE eat a sandwich, BYG!

I have no doubt that B.A.P will get over this, and will go on to have many wonderful solo concerts.  Why?  Because they are really that good.

And I suppose in the end, even "Live on Earth Seoul' will be a part of that maturation process.


Another Odd Opinion- A rant about B.A.P's Live on Earth concerts

cr: Stormy of UnderTheRadar!

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  1. On the contrary, most idol groups who have a good name for themselves start their solo concert tour a little less than two years, or a little more after...B2st setting the previous record fifteen months after their comeback, B.A.P. beating that one..

    Awkardness is typical, and I do agree with you with the rushing thing^_^ But, that's how you learn, You can't expect them to be perfect the first time, and I think a little awkwardness is perfectly fine, as long as they're trying their best..and the members of B.A.P. more likely than not had a saying in whether or not they were ready for a solo concert you know?

    And you're probably talking about SHINee. They've been an idol group for 6 years now, there's a difference man ;A; LOL

  2. Let me say again.....I adore BAP from Bang Guk to baby Jello who absolutely blows me away with his rap.
    I'm just trying to say I want the best for them, and they deserve the chance for the best BECAUSE of how hard they have worked. No comparison was intended, just an example ^^

  3. I only know Bang Yong Guk, coz he raps so brilliant in Song Jieun MV, I still have it in my top playlist, but BAP??? Sorry, it's hard last year when so many rookies made their debut and I lost interest in new groups since 2011. And from what I heard they're big now, I mean they have bigger fanbase than the other rookies and they always make a comeback stage like... every month.

    So their first concert that means they must deserve it (maybe), BoA held her first concert in Korea 13 years after her debut!! and BAP made it in their 1st year!! Waaoooww..

    (aarrrrhhh I will get killed by BAP Fans right now...)

  4. Lolll @ a comeback every month. I did hear that they're not that big in Korea, it's mostly the international fans that keep them going but I don't know if that's true. Now the B.A.P fans might attack me for that... flee!


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