Super Junior-M Releases Teasers For "Break Down"

Super Junior-M, the Chinese sub unit for Super Junior, will be releasing their new album, "Break Down" on January 7th and they've been busy revealing all kinds of teasers in the past week or so.

Take a look:

"Break Down" Album Highlight Medley

Break Down MV Teaser

I'm not the biggest fan of Super Junior but I think some of their stuff can be cute sometimes (mostly I just miss Heechul).  Mainly I like "Superman" and "Sexy, Free and Single" a little bit but I do confess that "Sorry, Sorry" has grown on me, probably because I've heard it so many times plus it sounds a lot like "Sexy, Free and Single", just with different words.  After listening to the highlight medley, I'm not any closer to liking any iteration of Suju, since most of the songs sound like stuff I'd never listen to, no matter the genre.  It remains to be seen what I think of "Break Down".  I'll let you know after the mv is released.

I know a lot of people seem to do some crazy fangirling over Zhou Mi and Henry and I'm interested to see what the fuss is all about.  From what I can see, Super Junior-M seems to just be some members of Super Junior + Henry and Zhou Mi, so I'm also interested to see what those two bring to the table.  Bonus: Henry is cute as a button and Zhou Mi is pretty hot, so there's that.

What about you?

Are you excited for Super Junior-M's comeback?

Source: dkpopnews 1, 2, 3SMTOWN.


  1. Hi~ I Watch the full mv today and i realized some strange symbols on Ryeowook's Tshirt and on Henry's jacket. Can you please explain them ?? i think those symbols on henry's jacket is transsexual symbols :O

  2. I'm not quite sure what you mean, since there are no transsexual symbols that I know of, and if there were I wouldn't care. The symbols just look like the types of graphics that are really trendy right now.


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