Super Junior Comes Back Hard With their "Sexy, Free & Single" MV

Super Junior just released their mv for "Sexy, Free & Single" and, shockingly, I like it!

I'm surprised because I've never gotten into Super Junior besides their song "Superman", which I'll admit is a great song.  I like everything about this video, from the computerized sets to the choreography.  I'm gonna say that is another huge surprise because I usually think that Super Junior, or Suju as they're affectionately called, are super awkward (see what I did there??) when they're dancing.  There's usually only a few of them in the front lines that can pull it off while the rest look cringe-worthy in the background, but they've obviously been practicing because they all look good in this video.

I also love their outfits.  Suju's stylists really did a great job here, which is not something I say everyday about stylists that work for SMentertainment.  

Lastly, the song is REALLY good. Really good... as in I'd buy it. Get thee to your nearest, Itunes or wherever you purchase music, and bask in the dulcet tones of Eunhyuk and Leeteuk and Siwon and the other 50 guys. Ok, ok... I kid. It only looks like there's 50 of them.

Are you guys as into Sexy, Free & Single as I am?  Comment below!

Source: SMTOWN, screencaps by moi.

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