SHINee Wins and Looks Incredible at the 22nd Seoul Music Awards

SHINee, along with my other faves Big Bang, were at the 22nd Seoul Music Awards, which took place on January 31st.  They won an award, sang their little hearts out and their stylists finally managed to make them all look good on the red carpet instead of just 3/5ths of them or even 4/5ths.  No overly loose dress pants and ill-fitting blazers, no (what looked like) navy jacket and black pants (Onew), no pants-ripping-incidents.  Good job, cordi noonas.

Damn they look good.

Watch their performance of "Sherlock", in which they sing throughout the whole song except for the last few seconds.

As always I'm so amazed when they sing throughout the song like this.  A lot of the time they'll sing parts of it and then let the backing tracks take over but I guess they decided to go all out last night.  They were a little sharp but this choreography is ridiculously strenuous so in my eyes they were perfect.

Ready for the pic spam?

This pic cracks me up.  Minho derp!

Jonghyun's new hair.  Like it or no?

Key's blazer is hot and I kind of want it for myself.

This coat is fab, plus new hair for Minho.

I love Onew's smile, don't you?

Taemin's flaw-free outfit is flaw-free.

Can I just say how much I enjoyed their choices in pants tonight?  Very nice... yep.

Here they are winning the Popularity Award:  
They also won a Bonsang award, along with Super JuniorEpik Highf(x), 2NE1Huh GakSHINeemiss APsySISTARLee Seung Gi and SECRET, and Big Bang.

As you can see they've steadily been getting new hairstyles for their upcoming comeback.  I'm very interested (dying) to see what the concept will be, especially with all this short hair.  Welp, you'll know about it as soon as I know about it!

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  1. this hair suit them perfectly esp. Jjong and Onew, and Minho..... and Taem....... and suddenly blue Key
    Did you see Jjong eyes??? luv the color kekeke

  2. I feel like all of a sudden I've been seeing lots of Kpop groups with contacts in. Key had some lighter brown ones in recently also.

    I do love Minho's and Tae's hair, Key looks nice, much better than when it was short and brown. Onew looks good but I prefer him with longer hair and I'm not usually a fan of Jjong with lighter hair. I'm sure it'll grow on me though.


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