The Gayo Daejuns 2012: Highlights and Notable Performances

The end of the year is here and we all know what that means in Kpop land. That's right... the Gayo Daejuns! Kpop fans know these shows can either be awesome or tiresome or even a mixture of both. I assure you it was the same this year but there were some performance and special stage gems to squee over sprinkled throughout all the shows. Let's watch and critique shall we?

Be sure to scroll down to the end for links to playlists of the 3 shows!

Watch highlights from the MBC, KBS and SBS Gayo Daejuns 2012.
INFINITE on the SBS red carpet.

I'll start with the KBS Gayo Daejun. First up is SHINee with probably the most talked about performance of the past few days, aka the Taemin Rips His Pants Debacle. I'll first say that, imo, SHINee had some of the best stages of the three shows. They sang live (and sounded good doing it), they danced their asses (and pants) off and they wore some of the best crazy outfits in a crazy-outfit-wearing world.

SHINee Sherlock (Clue + Note)-

To all the people talking crap about their outfits, don't you realize it's SHINee? That's what they do. If they looked "normal" that would be boring and they're definitely not trying to be boring.

The rip heard 'round the world:

Taemin rips his pants gif KBS Gayo Daejun 121228

You can literally see his crotch make a break for freedom. Poor thing! Key is probably STILL rolling on the floor laughing about that one.

Next up is Sistar's Hyorin and Park Ju Won with Sway-

Umm... Wow! That's all I've got to say. Well... that and she needs to work on her pronunciation. I only knew what she was saying because I've heard that song many times before. However, she sounds incredible. Her vocal range is astounding and the accompaniment of the Spanish guitar was flaw free.

B1A4 Baby Goodnight-

Ok this was too, too cute. Besides some vocal mishaps (mostly CNU's), they did a great job. I'm not even that much of a B1a4 fan and I was totally into it. I'm also a fan of their outfits, ESPECIALLY Jinyoung.  If you're gonna wear fun stuff, go all out.

BEAST It's Not Me + Beautiful Night-

One of the better performances of the night, I just wish they'd stop putting Hyunseung in those nut-hugging girl pants. I'm sure I'm probably in the minority here but I really don't want to see the penis outline on any guy who's that skinny and femme. I'm sorry but that's just me. <Cue BEAST fans going off on me here>

Ailee Heaven + Just Dance-

Another wow for me, at least during "Heaven". She needed to tone it down a little for "Just Dance", but really her voice is excellent.

Next up is SBS:

SBS Gayo Daejun:

This show seemed mostly to be about a whole bunch of dubstep but I like dubstep when it's done well. Most of these performances = dubstep done mediocre.

Best performance of the night hands down goes to Simon DDynamic Duo and Epik High's Cipher-

They killed it. If you're not aware, a cipher is a freestyle rap battle done in a group setting. Of course, we know this performance wasn't done freestyle but still, great job guys. I particularly found Tablo to be amusing as hell in the background and really damned odd, but that's ok... I like my guys to be kind of nerdy/weird.

UPDATED: "Cypher" was recently released and Tablo tweeted a link to dl.  You can download it here.

Of course one of my favorite performances of the night had to be G-Dragon and Big Bang with One of a Kind + Crayon + Fantastic Baby + Gangnam Style-

I love all the leather, the performances were good and I absolutely am enamored with GD's hair.  It just keeps getting better and better each time.  I'm still waiting for the number for GD's hairstylist over here!  Someone get on that.

Best outfits of the night goes to B.A.P's Warrior-

Damn they looked HOT. They need to always look like that... in fact those are the best outfits they wore all year. Phew! They also needed to have made that performance longer. Way too short but I suspect it's because Big Bang had to do 3 songs and you know how that goes.

INFINITE The Chaser Remix with orchestra-

These guys are just too talented. I can't wait to hear and see what they have in store for us in 2013.

SM the Performance Intro + Spectrum-

This was incredible!  The dancing was phenomenal, "Spectrum" was even good and Lay x Kai just laid me out. I have to give props to SM Entertainment; they have some of the best male dancers in Kpop.  They also have one of the best female dancers in Kpop in general in BoA, but I digress.  One question though: Why was Minho there?  He's not a great dancer or a great singer at all. I assume he was just there for looks.

FT Island & CNBLUE Special Stage-

This was a great stage and they looked like they had a lot of fun playing off each other.

Now on to MBC:

MBC Gayo Daejun:

While many of the MBC performances were fun, most of them didn't stand out to me as exceptional but I did find some that I really enjoyed watching.

SHINee and f(x) Rocketeer + My First Kiss + Moves Like Jagger-

Can I take them home and play with them like dolls? They're like a box of cute.

INFINITE - Without U + 60 Seconds + The Chaser Remix-

These boys were flaw free in all 3 shows but it was really cool to see them perform all these songs together.

Best girl group performance of all 3 Gayo Daejuns was:

KARA with PANDORA Remix-

So much fun how they made it like a club. I usually find the boy groups in the Kpop genre tend to be much stronger in every way than the girls, but KARA is one of the exceptions and this was a great performance.

Teen Top & 100% Sorry Sorry x Crazy Rock Remix-

That was the best Teen Top performance that I've seen in months.

So there you have it.  There were lots of great videos that I left out or you'd be here all day, not that that's a bad thing.

What did you guys think?  Which station put the extra in "extravaganza"?  Would you have picked differently than I did?  Let me know in the comments!

Click the links below for playlists of all the shows:

KBS Gayo Daejun here.
SBS Gayo Daejun here.

MBC Gayo Daejun here.



  1. Wahhhh!! All so good!

    SHINee- I didn't even notice the crotch tear the first time I watched it... Poor Taeminnie... At least they were plain black underwear?

    B1A4- so cute! But I think their voices and the mics were a bit off during the chorus... Oh well- still a job well done!

    Cypher- loved itttttt- and Tablo! I love that man haha. His little bird actions near the end, oh how I laughed.

    BAP- so hot! Much better outfit choice to those horrible coats...

    Spectrum- awesome awesome! I agree that the Minho addition is really a little odd... And they could have at least given him his own stage to make it a smoother inclusion. I love the man though, so I'm not complaining ^.^

    SHINee and F(x)- gahhhh- so cuteeee ^.^ Key and Onew were amazing! And I WANT THOSE CAT EARS.

    Sorry- that was a lot of commenting :P

  2. BIGBANG! GD's new hair is so excellent.

    And I don't think I could love anything more than I love T.O.P in that leather. Ever. <3

  3. Lol you didn't notice Taemin's pants get torn? I noticed right away, or maybe it's that the first thing I saw that day was gifs of Taemin's ripped pants? I don't even remember.

    You know you love Minho when you're thinking they should give him his own personal special stage instead of including him. Lol... well I do have something for u though. http://youtu.be/U4Jt14iEHVo

  4. Not even if Minho was wearing that outfit?? :)

  5. ... It may be because I'm always distracted by Minho on stage? ;) haha. Well, I mean how all the others in The Performance got their own stage, and Minho didn't. I just felt that made it really obvious that he wasn't as smooth a choice as the others.

    Oooooooooooooooo *swooooooooooooooooooooooooon* I had seen an image of that today on Pinterest but not a video yet! Thank-you!! He is sooo handsome. His legs look so ridiculously long!

  6. Hahaha, look it is close, but T.O.P is my first bias and he'll be staying there ^.^

    But Minho in that outfit would probably 'top' (ha) my love list as well :P

  7. Oh right I get you. Yeah that's exactly it.

    I'm glad you like it, it was good right? He surprised me...Enjoy! I'll keep my eye out for Minho and T.O.P goodies for you...

  8. *hugs* :D thanks! You may like my pinboard- http://pinterest.com/maiestas/kpop-and-some-kdrama/ :)

  9. Okay sorry to be a party pooper but that vocal performance from B1A4, especially the guy in the white suit, is just about the worst performance I've heard for a while! They wouldn't even make it through to the early rounds of the X Factor here in the UK. And that's saying something, because a lot of the vocals performances on that are crap too.

    GD is growing on me. Like fungus. :D

  10. Omg I totally agree with you. I never said they sang well, I just said the performance was fun and cute. :P

    Haha... GD will do that. Make sure to check out the newest post with SNSD. I'm dying to know what you think of it.

  11. Ahhh Minho and Yuri in the Drama Award performance, maybe its the dancer in me but....I found it lackluster and passion free...sadly. It seemed to me that Minho was more concerned with camera angles than holding Yuri with any kind of meaning. That tango is meant to be done with sharp angles and lots and lots of passion! Eye contact at the very least! I was sad, even at the end, Yuri attempts some eye contact but Minho was not even looking. Minho was my 1st bias in SHINee and I'm always defending him, I do happen to think he can be a great dancer! Need I even bring up that when Minho and Tamin performed the salsa several years ago....there was WAY more passion?........http://youtu.be/9vqoCd242ws

  12. It was a little focused on being precise rather than passionate wasn't it? But I think that's probably more due to Minho's character. I did find it curious at the end how he was so obviously avoiding her gaze! haha. Perhaps he is a little girl shy? Whereas he has no problems with his Taemin ^.^

  13. He was so avoiding her gaze at the end. I do wonder if it has more to do with not wanting to cause a "scandal". I can just imagine what netizens would say if he'd been "staring soulfully into her eyes".

  14. Oh yeah... You can't please them either way. All the comments already on the video are either "zomg shippingggg" or "awkward he didn't even look at her!"

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