A Wild G-Dragon Spotted Roaming in London and Paris

Hey friends... I took a mini blogging break in the past few days but I certainly kept up with my biases' shenanigans.  I've been keeping a close eye on G-Dragon since he decided to fly straight from the Golden Disk Awards in Malaysia right on over to London, England, while managing to catch a few stalker fans on the way.

G-Dragon shopping in London 130119
GD in London

We might think that GD didn't want to be stalked but he tweeted about his trip:

G-Dragon tweet 130117

One can only assume that he wanted to be found and photographed, but that wouldn't surprised me.  He's well aware that people would find out where he is anyway, so why not put it out there before anyone else can?

As it turns out, GD met up with 2NE1's CL in London while CL was doing some fashion-type stuff with Ambush's Yoon.

Then the first sightings of GD in London started to roll in...

GD, CL and 2NE1's stylist/GD's bff  Yang Seung Ho aka Yanggaeng at the Year Zero store on the 18th:

G-Dragon, CL & Yanggaeng at Year Zero London

G-Dragon, CL & Yanggaeng at Year Zero London
Hipster alert!

G-Dragon with Birkin Bag Year Zero London

G-Dragon, CL & Yanggaeng at Year Zero London

On the 19th GD and CL attended the launch party for A$AP Rocky's new album, LONG.LIVE.A$AP, at Amika in London and posted this photo on Instagram:

G-Dragon, CL & Yanggaeng at A$AP Rocky launch party London

We can only guess what happened at this party.  

Earlier that day he was spotted by fans while out shopping:

G-Dragon shopping in London 130119

G-Dragon shopping in London 130119

G-Dragon shopping in London 130119

G-Dragon shopping in London 130119

G-Dragon shopping in London 130119

Wouldn't you just have a heart attack if you looked up and GD was shopping next to you??  I sure would.  Great boots btw.  Those are the ones he wore at the GDAs and I'm wondering if Mina Kwon customized them for him.

On the 20th, Yoon from Ambush posted this photo on Instagram:

G-Dragon in London with Yoon, Yanggaeng & CL 130120
GD, CL, Yoon, Yang Seung Ho & friend.

GD is wearing a KTZ scarf and their Church embroidery belt... Very nice.

Next GD flew on over to Paris to take in some fashion shows.

G-Dragon in London instagram 130120
"London>>>>>>> Paris"

He met up with model/actor bff Lee Soo Hyuk, who I think is hot as hell.  Lee Soo Hyuk was in Paris to model in the menswear shows.

G-Dragon in Paris with Lee Soo Hyuk 130121

G-Dragon in Paris with Lee Soo Hyuk & Yanggaeng 130121

G-Dragon in Paris with & Yanggaeng Lee Soo Hyuk 130121

You can get GD's made to order KTZ hat here.  

G-Dragon in Paris wearing KTZ 130121
GD's Instagram update 120121.

Some intrepid fans managed to find him in Paris too:

G-Dragon with fans Paris 130121

I'm sure you can tell that I love GD's style but there's one thing that really strikes me about him:  He has NO problem wearing the same pieces over and over if he loves them and he'll wear something to death for quite awhile.  I seem to remember seeing him in a certain pair of super tight cut up jeans for a few weeks on end, and I even got to see him rehearse in them at the Big Bang Alive show when they came to New Jersey.

I'll be sure to keep you updated with more of GD's European vacation so stay tuned!

What do you think of G-Dragon's style?

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  1. I also love that he's not afraid to repeat clothing. He doesn't waste something that's good and that's refreshing to see when so many celebrities refuse to wear something more than once.

  2. I just saw this comment, sorry abou that. I was just introduced to this hottie by G-Dragon's pics. Then I found out they have been bffs for awhile along with other guys, they call themselves Nuthang. You can find blogs about them on Tumblr with tons of pics. The group consists of GD, TOP and other actors/models, of course,

  3. Exactly. I love that! He'll wear something over and over and enjoy it and doesn't give a damn what people think.

  4. Ah I watched the STRONG HEART episode with Lee Soo Hyuk yesterday. That man is so gorgeous I can't even T_T it was also mentioned that he and GD were really good friends - I blame their joint love for fashion. Haha! I love how so many people went nuts on IG saying that GD shouldn't smoke bla bla. Obviously it wasn't him : P LOL. He just got back to Korea btw. At least it would appear so..

  5. Aye this is what i love the cocky-expression of gdragon but inside he's the most down to earth person! I've seen him wearing same cloths and etc over and over again.


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