UPDATED: G-Dragon At the 2013 Golden Disk Awards Ultra Mega Post!

Earlier today, the one and only G-Dragon attended the 2013 Golden Disc Awards, where he won a few prizes and graced us with a few performances.  I've got all kinds of goodies for you GD fans so I'm just going to get started.

This post is Image and Video heavy.

G-Dragon tweet pic before the Golden Disk Award 130116

My morning started out with the above photo, which GD tweeted right before he did the red carpet walk.  Love the new hair!  Below is the only instagram version.

G-Dragon instagram pic before the Golden Disk Award 130116

GD hit the red carpet with YG Entertainment labelmate Lee Hayi.

G-Dragon at the Golden Disk Awards 130116

G-Dragon at the Golden Disk Awards 130116

Then he did a red carpet interview for all the news channels.

G-Dragon at the Golden Disk Awards 130116

GD interview footage:

G-Dragon at the Golden Disk Awards 130116

How much do I love that he was just like, "F*ck it, imma be comfy." when he made his clothing choices for the event?   Even though it's not quite certain how comfortable a pair of leather shorts over leather leggings is, I appreciate the effort.

The Awards:

Big Bang won the MSN International Award and GD accepted.

G-Dragon at the Golden Disk Awards 130116

G-Dragon at the Golden Disk Awards 130116

Fancam of GD accepting the award: 

Edited to add-

GD accepting awards fancam:

GD then won the Digital Bonsang, as well as the CECI Popularity Award:

G-Dragon at the Golden Disk Awards 130116

G-Dragon at the Golden Disk Awards 130116

Lastly, G-Dragon peformed "One of a Kind", "Crayon", "Heart Breaker" and "Light it Up" feat. Tablo (Gahhh!).

Yes there are fancams for that... scroll down.

G-Dragon at the Golden Disk Awards 130116

G-Dragon at the Golden Disk Awards 130116

Fancam of "One of a Kind":

Fancam of "Light it Up", talk, "Crayon", & "Heart Breaker" (beware loud screams):

"Heart Breaker" close up:

I love his outfit here but I know he was hot as hell in all those clothes.  He was probably ready to pass out, poor thing.

Let's take it all the way back a bit to the rehearsals for the GDAs:

G-Dragon rehearsing for Golden Disk Awards 130116
Such a Heart Breaker.

Four songs, award winning and all kinds of great fashion.  What more could I ask of this fabulous man??

What did you think of GD at the GDAs?

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  1. I love GD beyond.. yeah well.. beyond everything in this world. LOL. He's fucking awesome! I hate how everyone's always saying how rude and stuck-up he is.. I don't think he seems rude or stuck-up, he's a PERSON. And a lot of times people forget that there's only so much smiling for the crowd that a person can do. Nobody is smiles and cheerfulness 24/7 and at some point he gets tired during the day and just wants to hit the sack. I saw some of the texts that he sent to my good friend and he's the sweetest thing ever! There's no way he's the douchebag that everyone says he is. My friend wouldn't love him so much if he was ^__^)/

  2. I forgot to fangirl over that performance of Light it Up! Gahhhh!!! I LOVE that song and I'm so happy they did it. On another note, lol @ GD with the whole reference to lighting up and then doing the whole pot smoking gesture in the fancam. I seem to remember him saying he never knew a certain cigarette had pot in it. Side eyeing u so hard rn GD! Not that I really care if he did or not, it's just funny.

  3. I'm sure he could possibly be a little stuck up in that he's famous and gets what he wants, etc. but he strikes me more as shy/quiet than anything else. His stage persona is supposed to be all "I AM THE BEST" so if that's what people are referring to, they need to stop.

    Obviously I love him to pieces too. I love that he's fearless in wearing wtf he wants and being different in an industry of clones. Keep it up GD!

  4. GD looks great, a real style icon, a good dancer,and has real swagger, but I'm afraid I don't rate him as a musician. Mind you that didn't stop Madonna being a massive star so it's not all about musical talent I know.

  5. GASP!!! Blasphemy! Lol jk. Seriously though, I'm sure I can find at least one GD song you'll like plus if you've liked any of the Big Bang songs I've posted, he has a hand in producing all their stuff. He's pretty talented.


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