Big Bang's Alive Concert in NJ 121109: Fancams and a Fan Account

It's been a whole 4 days since I've posted anything, which is kind of crazy.  It's just been that kind of week, what with me going to the November 9th Big Bang Alive concert in Newark, NJ and all.

Let me just get this out of the way first:  It was INCREDIBLE!!  I had SO much fun!  I got to see them all close up and almost personal and stuff... it was fabulous. Now on with the goodies!

(See more fancams by clicking here and here)

Big Bang Alive concert NJ 121109 fancams and fan account.

Fan account:

I'll start with the fact that I bought a ticket for the VIP portion of the concert.  The VIP ticket got you in early for Big Bang's soundcheck, plus floor seats and some swag, so I was extra excited for this.  I was informed by an email that I'd have to arrive at the Prudential Center by 3 pm at the latest so I could line up to get in.  Well I was late of course... I'm the latest late person ever; I'll probably be tardy to my own funeral.

I got there around 3:45 but luckily I was meeting some fellow bloggers from AKPF, who were already in line.  Yeah, I cut in line... In fact I jumped on in there because that line was super long.

Big Bang Alive concert NJ 121109

At around 11 am someone had tweeted a pic of the line that snaked around the building and my jaw dropped.  There was no way in hell I was getting there that early, but more power to them.

I was standing in line for a few before I was reminded that I hadn't picked up my tickets at will-call.  Can you imagine how dumb I would've felt if I'd gotten to the front of the line and had forgotten to do that?  While standing in line at will call, a woman and what seemed to be her older daughter ran up all out of breath.  They had strong Southern accents so I had to be true to my nosy self.  I asked them where they were from and it turned out they had driven up from Georgia just for the concert.  How cool is that?

As it turns out, almost forgetting my ticket wasn't the dumbest thing I did.  I hadn't known that I needed to have gotten a wrist band before I headed into the venue.  I had to run back out and find the guys with the wrist bands or they wouldn't let me onto the floor to watch the sound check.  Ugh!  Needless to say, I had lost my friends by the time I made it back.  They had had no idea I wasn't right behind them.  Ah well, I ended up having fun anyway.

I heard there were about 1000 tickets sold for the VIP area.  I'm not sure if that was true but it sure seemed like it.  The place was pretty packed.  Big Bang came out not long after we arrived and rocked the house.  Taeyang was doing most of the talking at the time, and kept asking us what our favorite Big Bang song was and what we wanted them to sing.  Unfortunately, so many people yelled out so many different songs that he had no idea what they were saying.  Otherwise, GD did some singing and rapping but mostly sat down in a corner of the stage.  Seungri was being his silly self, dancing around and stuff.  T.O.P was pretty chill

I had been worried that we wouldn't be able to film anything, since we kept being told not to film or take pictures but as soon as they came out, everyone pulled out their phones or cameras.

Big Bang Alive concert NJ 121109 soundcheck
Cr. Papaya Yang

I did film some of the soundcheck but it mostly turned out crappy.  I ended up using my iPhone, which I'd only really done once a few years ago when my friends and I went to see Rain at the Time 100 party, but that's another story.  I wasn't that great at it at first:

But I learned.  

Best part of the soundcheck?  Hands down, Seungri dancing with (I think) one of the back up band members' kids.

Cr. MsLianMei

The soundcheck was only for about 1/2 hour or so, which seemed pretty short to me, but who am I to complain?  I got to see Big Bang! 

We filed out afterwards and were told to line up in various areas and chill for a bit before we got to go back in.  It was about 5 pm at the time, so I knew we were in for a long wait.  

Big Bang Alive concert NJ 121109

As I stood there and looked around, I realized something that I thought was really damned cool:  There were people from all walks of life, of all races and colors and sizes and Kpop brought us all together.  Loved it!

I got to check out my VIP swag:

Big Bang Alive concert NJ 121109

Big Bang Alive concert NJ VIP swag 121109
The Big Bang light stick container, VIP lanyard and the bag everything came in.

Big Bang Alive concert NJ VIP swag 121109
Tshirt front

Big Bang Alive concert NJ VIP swag 121109
Tshirt back

I immediately went to the bathroom and changed into my tshirt, just like tons of other people were doing.  Mostly I did it because I was hot as hell after dancing around during the soundcheck and my long sleeves had to go.

We stood or sat around for another hour and a half, then lined up to file back down into the mosh pit area.  The venue slowly started to fill up and eventually they started to play Big Bang videos and an English language Samsung Galaxy commercial featuring them.  There was loud singing (in Hangeul, no less) and tons of screaming every time they showed one of the guys, but especially T.O.P.  Seems as if he is the fan favorite and I don't blame them because he is hot as hell.  

There were two super young girls behind me that had me cracking up.  They were both singing to the songs in perfect Hangeul and one of them kept screaming out stuff like, "Oh good lord GD, he is my man!!" in an extra exaggerated way while doing all the dance steps.  They definitely made the wait go faster, so for that I thank you.

At first I was worried that Hurricane Sandy would conspire to make sure that not everyone showed up.  The seats were empty-ish for quite a while but eventually my worries were put to rest.

Big Bang Alive concert NJ 121109
Almost full!

The last video played was "Fantastic Baby" and then the concert started at 8:10.  I'll leave you with my fancams now, as words would not adequately express my feels right now.  Please excuse any jiggling of the camera, as I was kept forgetting not to dance and/or freak out.  I filmed about an hour and a half of the concert, so stay tuned.  I'll post more as I upload them.  

Note to any future fancammers:  You do NOT want to film for more than five minutes at a time!   Trust me, trying to upload a 15-30 minute video to YouTube in HD is an ordeal you do not want to go through.

Watch all videos in HD:

Big Bang Alive concert NJ 121109 fancams:

Pt. 1-
- Start- Still Alive
- Tonight
- Hands Up
- Talk
- Fantastic Baby

Pt. 2-
- How Gee
- Stupid Liar
- Taeyang, Daesung Seungri talk (too funny!)
- GD Crayon
- GD & TOP Knockout & High High

Pt. 3-
-Cafe (This song is my jam!  Please excuse the extreme camera movement for the first minute or so as I freak out)
-Bad Boy

Source:  Big Bang's official Facebook, MsLianMeigdbbforever.  All other pics and videos by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit.



  1. Well done my friend! Awesome video, top notch audio. Only wish I coulda been there with you.
    Thanks so much for all this incredible Big Bang ^^

  2. You're so welcome! I had to bring it to u if you couldn't go. :)

  3. Part 2's song, I know! I know! It's "How Gee." I remember I used to listen to it back in 2009, but I never liked it as much as some of their other ones.

    I'm so glad you got to go! I know how you feel about cafe. I would have died on the spot if they'd done Sunset Glow. A couple years ago, that was my song!!!

    Thanks for the upload :-) I'm an east coaster, but I didn't get to go. And you VIP-ed it. That's real dedication right there.

  4. Thanks for the song title... :)
    I figured that if my 2nd fave Kpop group was coming to a town near me, that I would HAVE to do the VIP thing. I do not regret it at all. It was too much fun.

  5. Much love for taking the time and trouble to share! I couldn't go but watching this is the next best thing :)

  6. You're quite welcome! I'm glad u liked it.


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