Last of the Big Bang Alive Concert in New Jersey Fancams + Shirtless Daesung!

This is it... this is the last of the took-forever-to-upload, what-the-hell-was-I-thinking, but-damn-it-was-worth-it fancams from the Big Bang Alive concert that I attended in New Jerz (as Seungri calls it) on 121109.

Big Bang Alive Concert in New Jersey 121109 fancams

Haru Haru sounds so great and I'm so mad I missed most of it (I was charging my phone).   I did get the best part: VIPs singing for Big Bang and showing them that we all took the time to learn another language just because of them or people like them.

Afterwards when the guys start talking about ending the show, my favorite part is when GD sings a bit about wanting more and Taeyang joins in, and then Seungri says, "You're so genius!"  Too, too funny.  It cracks me up that Taeyang then says, "Seungri, you're too much."  He really is.  Then there's more Seungri being Seungri and Daesung making fun of Seungri.  Gotta love it, right?

You had to have watched my previous fancams to get the joke, so if you haven't done that, go do it now!

"Heaven" and band introductions:

Taeyang "I Love New York" and beginning of "Bad Boy":

"Bad Boy", "Fantastic Baby" and "Feeling" while being silly + close up shirtless Daesung:

Here's some video of when Seungri and Taeyang ripped off Daesung's shirt while he pretended he didn't want it to happen.  I totally forgot that I got some close and personal footage of Daesung's incredible body without a shirt.  <Swoon!>

Edited to add:

cr. kaka


Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed these fancams because I sure did enjoy making them.  A few people have let me know that watching them was almost like being there, which is awesome.  I'm glad they turned out well, since I wasn't really expecting them too.  Who would've thought that taking pictures on the iPhone from afar would suck but that the video would turn out really good, with great sound?  They're actually even more clear and close up when I watch the original videos on my computer, which kind of sucks.  Ah well...

Stay tuned for more Kpop awesome-ness and leave me a comment below!

Source: DISCOPIMP via gdragonspain, kaka via dsholic  All videos by Oddness/Weirdness.  Take out with full credit. 


  1. nice clips of the concerts. you are probably the first blogger that I come across who mainly writes about kpop culture. And thanks a lot for the kind words on my blog:)

  2. Thanks for the comment... :) I'm one of the many. I focus mostly on Kpop fashion with some music thrown in, of course.
    You're welcome, btw.


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