G-Dragon Blings It Out Like A Pimp At The Ambush x G-Dragon Launch Party + More

So sorry I've been away for the past few days but it couldn't be helped.  I was working my bootie off and was too tired to blog, even if it was about Kpop.  I'll be back tomorrow with more posts but I realized after I saw these pics that I had to post them up.

In case you hadn't heard yet, G-Dragon collaborated with the brand Ambush to make a few limited edition jewelry pieces to be sold at the My Boon store in Korea.  He attended the Ambush x G-Dragon launch party, which was held at the My Boon store on September 20th, and you just have to see what he wore.

Looking fly and fresh to death in an '80s swag type of way.  Am I crazy to say that I love the outfit?  Just on him though.  If anyone else wore that I'd laugh until I couldn't laugh anymore but he manages to pull it off.
Let's look at more pics.

GD with MC Verbal and his wife Yoon.

I'm always partial to a manskirt and the one that MC Verbal is wearing is really great.  Also, whoever did GD's hair deserves a medal because that is some precision work there.  That color could've turned out a hot mess but instead it's all kinds of rainbow loveliness.  Great job, stylist.

Watch some video of the launch party:

Now for that jewelry.  GD wore them in the Crayon mv and is wearing a piece in the pics above.  Check the rest out.

Here's some info I got on the collaboration from bigbangupdates.com:

According to Jaehyuk Choi of My Boon, the collab is in celebration of G-Dragon's birthday and the release of his new album. He posted on Twitter that there will be 2 styles available and since G-Dragon likes the number 8, only 8 sets were made for the first style and 88 sets for second style. The first 8 sets will be sold on the the 21st and the rest will be available at the My Boon store in October.
Ambush is owned by rapper MC Verbal of Japanese hip-hop group M-Flo and his designer wife, Yoon. The list of celebrities who have worn their designs includes Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kanye West and Jay-Z. 

In other GD news, I found this on YouTube today:

GD feat. Dok2 and Tablo- "Light it Up" 

This song is so damned good, isn't it?  I might even say it's my favorite on the album.  I do like all the songs but I don't love them all, if you know what I mean.

As I mentioned before, "Light it Up" is only featured on the "One of a Kind" physical album.  Don't make me have to get it in nefarious ways, GD! <shakes fist>

Lastly, GD will be collaborating with Jung Sungha, the 16 year old guitar genius YouTube star, on the September 23rd episode of Inkigayo. They'll be performing "That XX". If you don't know who Jung Sungha is, definitely click here to see him collaborating with 2NE1 because he is really, really good.

Here he is playing Big Bang's "Monster"... Just wow.

Crazy right? I mean, the dude is 16 and has put out records and stuff. I can't wait to see that Inkigayo performance.

Coming up tomorrow, my GD "Crayon" fashion post part 1 and some other fun stuff. Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!



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