G-Dragon Finally Releases "One of a Kind" Mini Album, Happy Days Are Here Again

Yesssss!  It's finally here!  G-Dragon has finally released his "One of a Kind" mini album and I am loving it.

If you haven't downloaded it from iTunes or a comparable site, please do so now because it's up!  Unfortunately "Light it Up" feat. Dok2 and Tablo is only available on the physical album but I've already bought the digital album and will be waiting to hear the whole of "Light it Up" when someone uploads it to Youtube.  Rumor has it that the album took so long to show up on iTunes because of push back from Korean netizens and fans that YG Entertainment and GD were focusing more on international promo than at home.  Blah @ them.

The only song I'm not into as much is "Missing You" but I still like it a lot more than I thought I would from that preview.  Also, why do I think it's so funny that "Crayon" is a hybrid of Southern rap and electro?  Because it is and I'm expecting big things from tomorrow's performance on Inkigayo and the release of the mv.

You know what I have for you, don't you?  That's right...

"One of a Kind" mini album Digital Booklet

Click to make bigger

The previously released teaser pics make much more sense in this context, plus they're beautifully shot and staged.  My favorite are GD with his 7 disciples, gangster GD and goth GD.

Listen to the newer songs here.  Listen quickly before they're taken down:


"Today" ft Kim Jong Wan of Nell:

"Without You" feat. ? of YG New Girl Group:

"Missing You" feat. Kim Yuna of Juarim:

Released earlier today was GD's preview of "Crayon":

What do you think of GD's cd?  Let me know...  Review to come later.

Source: digital booklet by Oddness/Weirdness, BIGBANGschool afteryg-life.


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