Shinee's Sherlock Group Teaser is Out!

SHINee’s comeback song Sherlock is expected to be a hot issue for its unique experiment.
Sherlock, the title song of SHINee’s 4th mini album, is a decisive edition of the so-called hybrid remix, which mixes two independent songs into a new song. It will present a unique charm by making one feel like watching a musical and reveal the distinctive music color of SHINee, a contemporary band recognized for its fresh and experimental music and performances.
Especially, the lyrics will tell the story of Sherlock who solves a criminal case by combining the methods of reasoning clues, ‘Clue,’ and of emotional intuition, ‘Note.’ Thus the song will have a feel of smart charm by connecting the lyrics of the two different songs exquisitely into a piece.
The album is expected to receive explosive responses from music fans by including the two songs, ‘Clue’ and ‘Note,’ and thus providing the fun of comparing Sherlock, a hybrid remix, with the original versions of the two songs, whose lyrics and melody are different from the remix.
Source: sports.chosun  Quick translation: jujugal
Hmmm... I'm not sure how I feel about this pic.  I know their concept is French Dreamy Boy but this comes across as more hippies camping out at Woodstock or something like that.  It's very 60's/70s-ish.

I'm not a fan of Minho or Onew's hair... I do like Taemin's wig/weave though.  He looks cute, and so does Jjong.  Key is flawless as usual.

I'm just waiting for a musical teaser.  I'll update whenever something else is released, of course!

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