Jonghyun from Shinee's Teasers and "Sherlock" News

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Source: omonatheydidnt via shinee.smtown, 3rd pic via mymusicradar

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SHINee's "Sherlock" to be released digitally ahead of release date

by TwistedInsanity

It's been reported that SHINee's newest mini album, "Sherlock", will be available for digital download starting March 19th. This is a few days before the actual released date of the album, which is set for a March 21st release.

Apart from being released through Korean music platforms, SM Entertainment has also revealed that "Sherlock" will be available through iTunes for international fans.

Since the start of this month, fans have been anticipating more news surrounding the comeback of the five member group. With various teasers, including the concept pictures for MinhoTaemin,OnewKey and earlier today, Jonghyun, the comeback date is slowly getting closer. A music video teaser is expected to be revealed soon.

"Sherlock" consists of no less than seven different tracks and will be available for physical release on March 21st, a few days after the digital release on March 19th.
Source:  koreaboo

Paraphrasing, this means that "Sherlock" will be released digitally March 19th on Itunes and other sites, but that the physical copies of the album will be released March 21st.  This means that I'll be up early to dl it on Itunes on the 19th, that's for sure.  Thanks SMent... sometimes you can be nice.

In other news, my friend and I were discussing how we think those pics of Jjong were cropped.  There's no way we went from Dreamy French Boy (aka Barely Legal) concept to these meh pics... this has to be because of the netizen outcry over how Taemin's and Minho's pics looked like porn.  I'm actually really disappointed.  Not because I was dying to see anyone else with their shirts off, since I feel more like an older noona towards them.  It's because I thought the pics were interesting and brought attention to Shinee and that's the whole point of teasers isn't it??  To bring attention.  

Don't get me wrong... I think Jjong looks adorable as hell, especially in that bottom pic.  But notice how there's only 2 pics and these pics don't seem finished.  I'll bet you money that Jjong's pics were wayyy more "interesting" than Minho's and Taemin's.  

Anyone want to take me up on that bet??

Shame on you, netizens, for making such a big deal over it.  You talked yourself right out of seeing Jjong's abs.


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