Video of the Day: EXO-K What is Love

Ok... I'll admit it.  There's been soooo many teasers for this EXO group that I got tired of waiting and was almost prepared to dislike them on principle.  Almost.  The first time I listened to this song I thought it sounded too much like "Before U Go" by TVXQ but that the two singers, Baek Hyun and D.O., sounded incredible.  The second time I listened to it I was kind of blown away.  Now I'm sitting here listening to it for the (looking away sheepishly) 7th time in a row and thinking that I'm glad that they already released it on Itunes.

One of the producers for this song was Teddy Riley and you can definitely hear his influence in their cadence and tone and in the music.

Source: SMTOWN

What I love:  The song...the singing...  The part at 1:46 when one of them belts out "I don't know why!"  Kills me everytime.  Also 3:57 because I didn't expect that voice to come out of that body.  The dancing is cute but minimal.  From all the dancing I've seen in their previous teasers, I'm excited to see what they really have in store for us.

What I find awkward:  The set is cluttered in an artsy way but it's a tad distracting.  The martial arts in the middle made question marks pop into my brain.  The video is kind of disjointed; there wasn't really any sort of story or continuity.  If there was a story, I  really couldn't figure it out but if you have figured it out, do let me know.

Now if they would just stop releasing teasers and get on with their official debut already...

Any thoughts?  Leave a comment.

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  1. Nice vocals! Wow this really has all the Teddy Riley trademark sounds. The video just feels a bit dated to me, and I don't feel their outfits quite fit the sets.


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