Let's Play The "Caption This!" Game With SHINee's Key, His Friend Miya & A Crown

Today I find myself sitting at my computer, wanting to blog something SHINee related but unfortunately SHINee's been pretty damned quiet recently (that's a good thing, right?  Right???).  What to do?  Thankfully someone on the Facebook page gave me the idea to play a little game with you guys, because the following pics of Key are just begging to be captioned.

Kim Miya of Mama Miya restuarant in Seoul uploaded these extra FAB-u-lous pics of her bff Key to her Instagram account today:



Biaaattcchhh is right!

Certain captions came to mind after seeing dear Key pretending to tussle over this crown.  I'm betting I'm not the only one with similar thoughts, so let's do this.

Comment below with a caption or two, just for fun, and we'll see how many funny ones we can come up with.  The objective is to amuse not enrage, so let's not get too crazy here, people.

Let the games begin!

Source: mamamiyacooks

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  1. A true inspiration, I completely adore him

  2. No-one messes with Key's crown! XD

  3. his face is like, "i don't think so, this is my crown"

  4. try watching their exo showtime... they sang all the time :)

  5. So.. I've been trying to find out who the guy is at 1:45. The best answer so far was "Unidentified Hottie"

  6. Lol well I cannot tell. I bet someone figured it out though. At the time I recall there was a longer list of names of people in the mv. Maybe it's one of the dancers?

  7. PearlescentSeaBluePandaFebruary 3, 2014 at 5:36 PM

    Looks like he'd slap a biaaatch for that crown~! XD

  8. No one messes with Key, period. :D

  9. I honestly don't know what those harnesses are for but they look soooo good on them that my imagination run wild. TOO wild.

  10. with 12 people in a song under 4 minutes...youd think they should be able to sing live..

  11. after some hardcore searching, I've decided its

    Kim Yeong-kwang (김영광) ^_^ what do you think?

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